Hot Trends at the Summer Fancy Food Show 2012

By | Jun 21, 2012

Earlier this week, Washington DC played host to the Summer Fancy Food Show 2012 – featuring the latest in snacks, spices, natural and organic foods, and more. With more than 180,000 products on display, the exhibit offers a look at some emerging trends in foodservice and manufacturing. Fortunately, many of these hot new flavors and […]

Gluten-Free Products for Passover from Kedem

By | Mar 29, 2012

In anticipation of Passover, the buzz has been building around Yehuda Gluten Free Matzo Style Squares. The product was a huge hit last year, and customers requested the gluten-free option long after the holiday. This year, Kedem Food Products (KFP) is back with even more gluten-free products for Passover, and each one is certified gluten-free. […]

New from Surf Sweets: Fruity Hearts

By | Jan 18, 2012

Surf Sweets, the manufacturers of organic and natural fruit flavored gummies and jellybeans, has launched a new gluten-free and allergy friendly treat just in time for Valentine’s Day. Fruity Hearts are lightly sugared, watermelon and cherry flavored, heart-shaped gummies. Unlike the classic box of candy hearts these gummies are soft, chewy, juicy and sweet making […]

Gluten-Free Candy Canes

By | Dec 20, 2011

When you are required to eat gluten-free because you have been diagnosed with celiac disease you quickly learn that it is vital to understand what is in your food. Reading labels and avoiding cross contamination becomes an essential habit.  This can be especially upsetting during the holidays when something as seemingly harmless and traditional as […]

Gluten-Free Pasta and Nougat from LucaSanti Foods

By | Dec 2, 2011

Corn flour and water. Those are the only ingredients in Nonna Grazia pasta. The gluten-free pasta line includes everything from Spaghetti to Elbows to Baby Shells, all produced in a gluten-free facility and imported by LucaSanti Foods. I was a bit skeptical when I poured a few cups of Rigatoni into a pot of boiling […]

Healthy Gluten-Free Options for Halloween

By | Oct 27, 2011

Parents may have different concerns depending on their child’s dietary needs, but one thing they all fear is the onslaught of sugar on Halloween night. Gluten-free or not, Halloween candy yields little nutritional value, and having kids haul a pillowcase full of chocolate, taffies and bubblegum into the house is an invitation for overindulging. It […]

Froose Gluten-Free Beverages and Gummy Snacks

By | Oct 6, 2011

In case you missed the hullaballoo in NFCA’s October 2011 newsletter, there’s a bigger and better Kids Central now available at The online hub now has a Kids Page and a Parents Page, with oodles of recipes, articles and tips for gluten-free families. (Trust me, I posted it all!) While I was developing Kids […]

Happy Gluten-Free Spring!

By | Mar 27, 2011

It has been a long and cold winter here in Philadelphia, as well as in many other places in the US. So I think I can safely say I’m not the only one welcoming the return of spring. Along with warmer weather, the return of slumbering plants, and baby animals spring also brings a few […]

Happy Gluten-Free Halloween!

By | Oct 27, 2009

Halloween becomes scary for a whole new reason when you are allergic or sensitive to a common food ingredient such as wheat. However, with a bit of research and planning you can learn a few Tricks so you won’t have to pass on the Treats. Today I’m going to share some great resources with you […]

10 Gluten Free Things (Part 1 of 3)

By | Aug 19, 2009

10 Gluten Free Things is a 3 part series of post that list 10 great gluten free products along with links to each product’s web page and to more information on each subject. Part 1: 10 Gluten Free Candies M&M’s(except crispy) Junior Mints Dove Chocolate Jellybelly jellybeans Tootsie Rolls—all Tootsie Pops Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews […]

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