Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Chili Pasilla Crackers

By | Nov 13, 2018

gluten free spicy crackers

By Maria Luci, Beyond Celiac Content & Community Manager

It’s no secret that I love Crunchmaster crackers. They’re my go-to cracker choice, for as-is snacks, party trays, dipping and any recipes involving crackers. They’re all gluten-free and all pretty delicious.

Typically I gravitate toward their Tuscan Peasant line of crackers but recently I grabbed a bag of their Multi-Seed Chili Pasilla crackers to try. I was drawn to the red “hot & spicy” label on the bag. Full disclosure: I am crazy about spicy foods, once I ate a few bites of a Carolina Reaper pepper (deemed one of the world’s hottest peppers) thinking it was just a redder version of the other peppers in our pantry, and commented to my husband, “hmm that was hot.” He just looked at me with bug eyes.

So yeah, any certified gluten-free food calling itself out for being “hot and spicy” catches my eye. The bag also claims the crackers are crunchy and baked with sesame, quinoa, flax and amaranth seeds, with a kick of Pasilla pepper (the dried form of the chilaca chili pepper). The Crunchmaster cracker creators claim they were searching for the perfect chili pepper to pair with their multi-seed crackers and fell in love with the Pasilla, as it is “celebrated in Oaxaca, Mexico’s culinary center… [and they are] spicy, subtly sweet, smoky peppers [that] deliver the spicy pairing that you will crave.”

Those are some big words to live up to! So I jumped in and took a bite. I could taste the savory multi-seed cracker base I’ve come to love from Crunchmaster but also the delicious hint of spicy pepper. To me, it was a very mild spice, but as you can probably guess, I am biased on spice levels. I meant to just eat a few but ended up having half a bag before cutting myself off.

These crackers will become a new go-to for me. They’re crunchy, gluten-free, non-GMO and have a great flavor that is satisfying on its own but would also be great for dipping into guacamole or topping with cheese, jalapenos and tomatoes. Low in fat and containing 3 g of protein per serving, they’re a spicy canvas for endless culinary cracker-inspired opportunities.

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