Keto Kookies

By | Sep 20, 2017

By Maria Luci, Beyond Celiac Communications Coordinator

I’ll admit, I didn’t know much about the ketogenic diet before a box of Keto Kookies showed up on my desk. Intrigued, I did some research before diving into the gluten-free brown bags of cookies. It turns out, the diet was popular in the 1920s and 30s as a way to treat epilepsy. Today people follow the Ketogenic diet for a number of reasons including to treat seizures when medication doesn’t work, to lose weight, to help with diabetes and to improve energy.

One of the creators of Keto Kookies discovered this high fat, low carb diet after listening to a neuroscientist discuss it in a podcast.

While the keto diet is gluten free, I would  advise anyone interested to discuss it with their doctor first. However, there’s no harm in enjoying some cookies that are ketogenic-compliant. Besides, who doesn’t like a free cookie?

But first, what’s in a Keto Kookie? It’s a high fat, low carb/sugar, gluten-free treat. It’s made up of coconut flour and oils, erythritol (a natural sugar substitute), grass-fed butter, monk fruit, and almonds. They’re gluten-free, paleo diet-friendly, no sugar added, non-GMO and, of course, ketogenic diet-friendly. The company claims the cookies have no effect on blood sugars.

First I opened the bag with Peanut Butter cookies. There were two in the inviting brown package. I gave it a nibble and the first thing I noticed was the hint of peanut butter. I must admit, you shouldn’t go in expecting a regular cookie flavor. The sweetness was much more subdued but I could taste the peanut butter and the butteryness. The texture was dense and yet a little crumbly. Next was a Snickerdoodle, whose cinnamon flavor is personally more preferable to me than the peanut butter. But my favorite of the stack was the Birthday Cake. These had little confetti flecks of color and a hint of birthday cake batter taste. I wish I’d had a coffee to dunk these in, because I felt they would make a good (albeit softer) biscotti replacement. Not too sugary, but just the right hint of sweetness to accompany a cup of joe.

All in all, I think Keto Kookies are a good addition to a low sugar/low carb, gluten-free diet. For those days when you really want a treat but don’t want to feel guilty about it, I say try a Keto Kookie.

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