Boar’s Head Butcher Craft Jerky

By | Aug 22, 2017

By guest author Anna Sonnenberg, blogger at Gluten-Free Jet Set

As a frequent gluten-free traveler, I often find myself roaming off the beaten path where safe snacks aren’t always easy to find. So what’s a celiac on the go to do? Pack snacks like Boar’s Head jerky, of course! Let’s look at some all-too-common snack situations and see how a quick nosh like Boar’s Head jerky is the perfect solution for gluten-free travelers.

Cross-Country Flights

Flying is my preferred mode of travel, but I don’t love the food options that are usually available on board. Flights within the U.S. typically have limited or completely nonexistent gluten-free options, and pickings can be slim on long-haul flights to other countries, too. Even reserving an in-flight gluten-free meal doesn’t guarantee that I’ll get what I asked for — or that I’ll want to eat it.

That’s why having adequate snacks on hand is essential. Not just any snacks will do, though. You need something high in protein to keep you satisfied, especially during a long-haul flight. Boar’s Head Butcher Craft Beechwood Smoked Pork Jerky is a great choice for plane rides. It’s gluten-free, packed with smoky flavor, and there’s enough to share with your seatmates if you’re feeling generous.

Road Trips

Short road trips of just a couple of hours can be incredibly easy to plan for, especially if I have the time to fine-tune my route and plan a stop or two along the way. Longer road trips are much trickier, though, especially with family or friends in tow. Planning every stop isn’t always possible, especially if delays on the road throw me off my schedule or force me to take a detour.

If (like me) you don’t usually pack a cooler for road trips, you need snacks that can hold up on their own. Gluten-free Boar’s Head Butcher Craft Cracked Pepper Mill Turkey Jerky is a delish choice for road trips, especially if you pack a few accompaniments like apple slices and some sharp cheddar cheese.

Train Rides

From my home base on the East Coast, taking the train is super easy. It also gives me a chance to sit back and catch up on reading or trip planning as I watch the countryside chug by. Even if I’m lucky enough to have a fully stocked snack car, though, I know I may not find any certified gluten-free snacks on board.

For a train ride, you’ll want to keep things as streamlined as possible, especially if you’re lugging your bags with you. Throw a packet of Boar’s Head Butcher Craft Teriyaki-Style Beef Jerky in your purse, and you’ll have a tasty gluten-free, MSG-free, and preservative-free snack that’ll keep you going until you reach your destination.

All-Day Outings

When I’m on the road, I like to plan long days jam-packed with sightseeing, whether I’m checking out a new-to-me neighborhood in New York City or climbing a volcano in New Zealand. When I’m trying to fit in as many activities as possible, there’s no telling what food options I’ll find along the way — or if I’ll have time to stop for a bite to eat.

For a long day of sightseeing, pack as much variety as you can carry, like gluten-free Boar’s Head Butcher Craft Buffalo-Style Turkey Jerky, some raw cashews, and some dried fruit . You’ll have plenty of options to stave off hangry feelings, and you’ll still feel great at the end of the day.

Have you tried Boar’s Head gluten-free jerky yet? Which flavor is your favorite?

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