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By | Jul 6, 2017

By Claire Baker, Beyond Celiac Director of Communications and New Media

We unpacked the Krave Jerky with a little trepidation. When it arrived in the office and I told people it was jerky, they clearly had a frame of reference for chewy dried meat that Krave turned on its head. With flavors like Honey Habanero Chicken, Garlic Chili Pepper Beef and Black Cherry Barbecue Pork, can you blame them? Still, the omnivores in the office were game (see what I did there?) and said they’d give it a try and tell me what they thought.

Krave Jerky Pic

Co-worker Kate cracked open the bag of Chili lime beef jerky. She describes it this way:

I thought it was the perfect mix of tender and chewy, and wasn’t too dry. It’s well-seasoned with a lot of flavor. The pieces I tried were red from the chili spices, but it wasn’t too spicy. The chili and lime flavors balanced each other out, leaving just a hint of spiciness at the end.

Kate also liked the packaging – she reports that it was easy to open and to reseal. She did, in fact, close it up and stash in her desk for future snacking.

Co-worker Maria tried two flavors, Wild blueberry and Beef and the Spicy Red Pepper Pork Stick. She says that she thought the blueberry jerky would be weird, but she really liked it – “sweet, salty and a hint of spice.”

About the Spicy Red Pepper Pork, she said this: “The stick was a fun snack. I could taste the different flavors, and wished it were spicier.” Maria tells me she spent a summer in Barbados studying the history of the Caribbean where much of the food was served in a super-spicy sauce and it became her new normal. Now she wants everything to be spicy. As a woman who has to live the gluten-free life, she does really appreciate a grab-and-go protein rich, clearly-labeled gluten-free morsel, no matter how spicy it is.

So, for the adventurous among you, aren’t you curious about Sesame Garlic Stick with Sweet Potato? Or Rosemary Lemon Turkey Stick with White Beans? Pink Peppercorn Beef or maybe a more traditional-sounding Original Sea Salt? Who wouldn’t be, right? Could be you’ve found your new favorite jerky.

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