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By | Jun 28, 2017

By Beckee Moreland, Beyond Celiac Director of GREAT Kitchens

Father’s Day dinner at our house usually consists of the manly meal of meat, potatoes, and a vegetable or salad on the side (for color). It wasn’t any different this year when I kiddingly asked my husband, “What does the ‘King of the Castle’ wanted for his royal dinner?” I get a bit bored cooking the same old stuff. When you have celiac disease sometimes you end up eating the same foods over and over because you don’t have a choice, but when you’re in your own kitchen and the only limit is your cooking ability and imagine, meat, potatoes, and salad seem a bit too simple especially for such a special occasion. I always like to add a little flair to meals especially when we’re celebrating.


Luckily, I remembered that I had some new condiments in the pantry that I wanted to try. I have been called the “Condiment Queen” by family and friends because I have a love for unique and tasty condiments. Usually my fridge is full of homemade and gourmet jars of spicy, tangy goodness and finding those that are gluten-free can sometimes be a challenge. A new product to try D.a.T. Ketchup would be a perfect accompaniment to my crispy oven roasted potatoes alongside a thick grilled rib eye roast.

First the Ingredients

The label on D.a.T. All Natural Ketchup proudly displays the state of Louisiana and a star representing Morgan City, manufacturing city and home of co-owner and creator, Don Abner Tabor (D.a.T.). The ingredients are recognizable ones you could easily find in your home kitchen like tomatoes, garlic, onions, vinegar and of course some cayenne pepper. The label also calls out “No Preservatives, No MSG, and Gluten Free.” The slogan clearly tells you what type of taste experience to expect, “A little bit of spice with a whole lot of flavor!”

Appearance, Taste, Texture

Pouring the ketchup onto my plate I noticed the dark rich color that didn’t spread all over the plate…not runny, but not too thick. The smell was full on onions and tomatoes with a hint of garlic. I dipped my crispy potato in the sauce to taste it. This was not like any regular ketchup. It wasn’t too sweet, but very tangy with a vinegar bite and pleasant back heat. “D.a.T.’s darn good sauce,” my hubby said. Not too spicy and really delicious! The slogan was accurate. Normally, I would never dip steak into ketchup (big no no), but I found myself dipping that rib-eye right into D.a.T. Ketchup and liking it. This is a condiment that I could add to the fridge collection and use it as an inspiration for some Cajun cooking.


Other Redeeming Qualities

I checked out www.datsaucela.com to find D.a.T. Cajun recipes and some really fun people who are passionate about their products and having a good time. You can learn how this family recipe became Don Tabor’s passion and family business and order their products directly. I suggest you give D.a.T. a try!


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