Blue Diamond Gluten-Free Single Serve Nut Thins

By | Oct 10, 2016

By Alicia Carango, Beyond Celiac Web and Social Media Manager

I’m obsessed with gluten-free Blue Diamond Nut Thins. I really, truly can’t get enough of them. As a self-proclaimed potato chip junkie, I feel less guilty about snacking on Nut Thins than I do about eating some greasy chips. Plus, Nut Thins are much more filling than chips; you get more bang for your calories.

My only problem with Nut Thins? I can’t stop eating them. That’s why I am so excited to see they are now selling the Nut Thins in a single serve pack. It definitely eliminates the urge to keep on snacking. The single serve Nut Thins are slightly smaller than the ones that come in a full sized box, but there’s no shortage on taste. And, a serving is just 90 calories.

Blue Diamond Single Serve Cheddar Cheese Nut Thins

Blue Diamond Single Serve Cheddar Cheese Nut Thins

Blue Diamond Single Serve Hint of Sea Salt Nut Thins

Blue Diamond Single Serve Hint of Sea Salt Nut Thins

The large box of Nut Thins come in a variety of flavors: Cheddar Cheese, Country Ranch, Pecan, Smokehouse, Hint of Sea Salt, Almond, Honey Cinnamon, Honey Mustard (my favorite!), and Pepper Jack Cheese. Right now, the single serve Nut Thins are only available in Hint of Sea Salt and Cheddar Cheese. Fingers crossed that more flavors become available soon!

Aside from the great taste of Nut Thins, there are lots of advantages to the single serve packages. I think they are great for days when traffic is super heavy and I’m too hungry to wait for dinner. Parents will love how easy these are to just toss in their kids’ lunchboxes for a snack (parents can put them in their own lunch bag, too!). While perfectly delicious on their own, you can turn up the flavor by dunking in your favorite hummus or gluten-free dip.

And, for those of you who are concerned about shared facilities, you’ll be happy to know that Blue Diamond Nut Thins are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility. Check out the Nut Thins at

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