Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Sea Salt Multi-Grain Crackers

By | Jul 25, 2016

By Alicia Carango, Beyond Celiac Web and Social Media Manager

I have to admit, I’m pretty boring when it comes to meal planning. I have a habit of eating the same few dishes for months on end. Eventually, I get so tired of what I’m eating that I abandon all my staples and move on to new dishes. Then, the cycle repeats.

I’m at the point in the cycle where I need some fresh ideas. I generally eat salad every day for lunch. In an attempt to change up some aspect of the standard salad, I decided that some crunch would help change it up a bit. I made my own “croutons” in the easiest way possible: crumbling Crunchmaster Gluten-Free Sea Salt Multi-Grain Crackers on top.

I know this might sound silly, but those crackers were enough to get me through the week until I could hit the grocery store and find a new option for lunch. I loved that the Crunchmaster crackers didn’t get soggy from the dressing. Can you imagine how soggy some wheat-containing crackers could be once dressing was added to a salad?

The texture of Crunchmaster crackers is great, but what I really love is the flavor. I ate a few right out of the bag alongside my salad and loved the sea salt. It’s not over-powering, and enhances the multi-grain taste, rather than just being one of those way-too-salty crackers.

If you haven’t tried Crunchmaster crackers yet, I totally recommend it. With back to school right around the corner, these will make the perfect snack for your gluten-free kids. They’ll be a great addition to parents’ lunchboxes, too! Check them out at

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