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By | Apr 28, 2016

By 12-year-old Beyond Celiac volunteer Sophia Kagan

Since 2009, Canyon Bakehouse has been helping their gluten-free friends “Love Bread Again.” In their gluten-free dedicated Loveland, Colorado bakery, they have been baking bread with 100% whole grains and non-GMO ingredients.  The bakery is also free of nuts, soy and casein.

I taste-tested eight of nine Canyon Bakehouse gluten-free products and they were ALL delicious.  While I don’t remember what gluten-containing bread tastes or feels like, I can say Canyon Bakehouse products were the softest and chewiest of the gluten-free breads I have tasted!

Canyon Bakehouse Products

So many gluten-free options!
(Photo credit: Canyon Bakehouse)

Let me run through my taste testing.  First, I tried the Rosemary and Thyme Focaccia.  My dad warmed it in a cast iron skillet with butter and olive oil.  It was great!  It had a lot of flavor and was really soft and chewy. Next, I tried the Mountain White bread.  Plain and with peanut butter, it was delicious, soft and yummy.  It was unlike white breads I had tasted before. Then, because I love chocolate, I tried the Brownie Bites, which were soft and like little flourless chocolate cakes. I could eat many packages of these!  Next, I tried the Plain Bagels.  Toasted, they were both chewy and crunchy and one of the best gluten-free bagels I have tried.  The Hamburger Buns, like much of the sliced breads, were soft and “squishy,” perfect for my favorite cheeseburger.

Canyon Bakehouse Focaccia Bread

Gluten-Free Focaccia Bread – so good!
(Photo credit: Canyon Bakehouse)

I tried the Cinnamon Raisin bread, which was firmer than the other breads but was really sweet and good, with raisins and agave syrup. I also tried the 7-Grain bread which was chewy, soft, and nutty, similar to white bread, but it had even more flavor. Lastly, I tried the Deli Rye Style.  I had never tried rye bread before, but it was spicy and soft.  I would eat a deli sandwich on this any day.

Canyon Bakehouse Bagels

This is one of the best gluten-free bagels I’ve ever had!
(Photo credit: Canyon Bakehouse)

Thank you Canyon Bakehouse for all the wonderful samples!  I have already found you in my local supermarket and your Mountain White has been in my lunchbox a lot!

That’s it from me! I will see you in my May “Ask Sophia” blog and my next Hot  Products blog!

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