Bundt Becomes a Home Run with Thai Kitchen Gluten-Free Coconut Milk

By | Feb 1, 2016

By Jennifer North, Beyond Celiac Vice President

Considering that 2/3 of my forees into baking end in failure, I was very excited at the success of this recipe, made with Thai Kitchen coconut milk.

The recipe for Coconut Cake came from allrecipes.com and I substituted 2 cups of Cup 4 Cup flour for the gluten-y all-purpose kind that the recipe called for. OMG…this cake was absolutely fantastic. I used real butter and eggs because things go horribly wrong when I attempt to substitute. But since lactose is water soluble, thus very little is remaining in butter, my lactose-intolerant family members were able to enjoy this cake with me.

coconut cake

This cake was simply fabulous.

The cake was so moist and delicious, I wanted to eat half the bundt in one sitting. The crumb was not dry, like powder, and it had the proper “tooth” to it. The recipe was just sweet enough to be dangerously delicious, but not so sweet that the taste of sugar overpowered the remaining flavors. The coconut flavor was soft and silky and not overpowering. I added an easy chocolate drizzle to the top…just perfect!

coconut cake slice

It was so tempting to eat half the bundt on my own!

My entire family loved it. No need for two desserts with this one.

My other attempt was not so lucky. I attempted Chocolate Pots de Crème. I used a coconut milk recipe, and subbed Truvia for the sugar since my dad has type II diabetes. When I tasted the delightful crème, I was pleased. I was surprised. It was creamy, with a rich feel, but a very light taste. Unfortunately, something went typically south when I added the chocolate. The recipe was unclear about what kind of chocolate to use and I selected unsweetened. Too much. Unsweetened. Chocolate. Hmmmmph.

ingredients for coconut milk bundt cake

The ingredients

While my second recipe went straight from bowl to trash, I included it in this review because I was able to get a delicious crème from the coconut milk, and I encourage you to experiment.

Thai Kitchen Unsweetened Coconut Milk

My not-so-secret ingredient: Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk

All in all, I will definitely be including Thai Kitchen Coconut Milk among my baking staples.  You can find their coconut milk and other gluten-free products at www.ThaiKitchen.com.


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