Blog Tour & Giveaway: “Gluten-Free on a Budget” by Chandice Probst and Tana Besendorfer

By | Jan 16, 2015

I’m always getting questions about eating gluten-free on a budget. If I had to rank it, I’d say it’s in the top 5 questions we frequently receive on the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) Facebook page.  We have a great downloadable cheat sheet that I often share, but I now have another resource in my arsenal: Gluten-Free on a Budget by Chandice Probst and Tana Besendorfer.  The authors are hosting a “blog tour” for their book and I’m excited to have Gluten-Free Hot Products as a stop on the tour!

Gluten-Free on a Budget is different than I expected it to be. When I heard the title, I just assumed it was a how-to book. Then, I actually started going through the content. It’s one of those books that practices what it preaches; it combines budget-savvy tactics and ideas with recipes that match Chandice and Tana’s approach to saving money.  It goes beyond the clip coupons, shop-the-sales approach. They factor a lot into the equation, making the tips applicable for real-life scenarios.

Gluten-Free on a Budget: Chandice Probst and Tana Besendorfer

Cookbook authors Chandice Probst and Tana Besendorfer

So what does that mean? A great example stems from a chapter that leads with two quotes from Benjamin Franklin: “Time is money” and “Waste not, want not.” Basically, Chandice and Tana take a multifaceted approach to budget by factoring in spending time, using resources wisely and making use of everything. I was immediately struck by their approach because it allows for everyone to define what they’re willing to spend, not just in a monetary sense.  That’s what I mean by real-life applications.  Sure, the store 10 miles away might have the best sale, but if you have to idle in traffic, take a detour on your route home, and take an extra half hour out of your day, that’s not really saving anything, is it?

Gluten-Free on a Budget: Biscuit Recipe

Just one of the many yummy gluten-free dishes included in the cookbook!

The recipes in the book might save money, but they certainly don’t skimp out on the flavor! It has everything from gluten-free chocolate chip muffins to beef stroganoff and there are plenty of kid-friendly options, too.  I’m particularly a fan of the recipe photos; I always tend to favor cookbooks that have lots of photos to help you know if you’re on the right track. Plus, Chandice and Tana’s tag-team approach to narrating the tips and background stories is both entertaining and informative.

You can grab Gluten-Free on a Budget for the wallet-friendly price of $17.97 on Amazon.  We’re also hosting a giveaway on behalf of Chandice and Tana! Simply fill out this form for your chance to win your very own copy.


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