Erewhon Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal

By | Oct 31, 2014

By Claire Baker, Director of Communications and New Media for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA)

I grew up in rural Oklahoma, land of wheat. As a kid, my brothers and I caught the bus at what seemed like an ungodly early hour (though now that I’m getting my kid to school by 7 for early rehearsals, I’m thinking that it’s no different now. But I digress…)  We were very self-sufficient in getting ourselves up, washed, dressed, fed and out the door to catch the school bus, all without parental intervention.

Erewhon Gluten-Free Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal

Erewhon Gluten-Free Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal

Our breakfast was always cereal. Mine, Cheerios. Danny, Wheaties. Glen, well, come to think of it, Glen probably made himself bacon and eggs. Anyway, like many little sisters, I thought that my big brothers hung the moon. When I would run out of Cheerios and venture to the land of Wheaties, it was like entering the secret realm occupied solely by Danny. Wheaties had an awesome ad campaign back then — The Breakfast of Champions, complete with endorsements from 1976 Olympic Decathlon winner Bruce Jenner. Danny was my Bruce Jenner. When I ate Wheaties, I was rubbing elbows with a champion.

I hadn’t given much thought to Wheaties in the last 25 or so years, except that time, post-celiac disease diagnosis, when I cataloged all the things I could no longer eat. And then I ate a bowl of Erewhon’s Gluten-Free Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal. It has the same rugged, earthiness to it that I remember from my childhood Wheaties. Plus, its flake was much more durable and didn’t get soggy right away, which is a big bonus, especially if a person wants to savor her cereal. If you are missing your Wheaties, you should definitely give these a try. As the old slogan goes: Good tasting, and good for you.

You can check out Erewhon’s Buckwheat & Hemp Cereal and other Erewhon cereals here.

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