New From Perdue: Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken

By | Jun 19, 2013

Breaded chicken tenders have been part of the weekly menu at my home for years. In the past I used to lean heavily on frozen or refrigerated version because they were a quick and easy meal that everyone including the kids would eat. However, frozen nuggets or tenders are not always the healthiest choice, especially when you have to worry about food restrictions. In order to make these family favorites safer and healthier I started making homemade nuggets with Perdue Chicken Breast Tenders. Though everyone in the house enjoys the homemade version, the time they take to make prevents them from being as fast and easy as frozen nuggets. So as always, I find myself having to choose between health and convenience.

Perdue_Gluten_Free_Chicken_TendersAt least that was the case until I crossed paths with Perdue’s new Gluten-Free Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders. The new gluten-free hot product from Perdue is part of their Simply Smart line, which aims to provide easy yet healthy options for some of their traditional fully cooked frozen and refrigerated products. Perdue’s Gluten-free Chicken Breast Tenders are made with all white meat and do not contain any fillers or preservatives. They also contain fewer calories and fat compared to their standard nuggets and also compared to a large number of competitors. The lower calorie count can partially be contributed to the fact that the new Simply Smart line of products is made with all-natural ingredients. But the big news is that they are certified gluten-free. Along with this product being a easy yet healthy gluten-free option they taste good to the adults and the kids eagerly ate them up with zero complaints. This was a surprise since the kids often favored the more junky and greasy frozen or refrigerated nuggets the most.

Perdue_Gluten_Free_Chicken_Tenders_CookedIn addition to being a healthier choice to standard nuggets there were other noticeable differences. For one, to make them a bit crunchier, Perdue used corn in rice flour. Though this was a notable difference that everyone could taste, it was actually an appreciated one. I am even considering using corn in my homemade recipe. The second noticeable difference is that the gluten-free version of Perdue’s Simply Smart Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders cost a bit more than the standard version. If you are eating gluten-free as part of medical condition such as celiac disease then you might be able to write off the difference in cost of this product when its time to pay taxes. To learn how, check out Celiac Central’s Tax Deduction Guide for Gluten-Free Products. It is also important to remember that Perdue also makes standard breaded chicken breast tenders that include ingredients that contain gluten. So even if the price tag tips you off, make sure to look for the GF symbol on the front of the package.

Overall my experience with Perdue has always been a good one, and now I can add their new gluten-free products to the list of positives. To learn more about this product visit

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  1. Jenni June 19, 2013 4:12 pm

    Look for them at your Target – I consistently find them in bags in the freezer section there, and they are priced exactly the same as the regular gluten version. Also right now there is a coupon on for $1 off!

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