Weeknight Gluten Free Cookbook by Kristine Kidd

By | Apr 3, 2013

Cookbooks are my favorite things to review for Gluten-Free Hot Products, since it allows me to step outside of my cooking comfort-zone and try something new.  When I receive a cookbook featuring quick and easy recipes, I’m extra excited to give the recipes a try.

When a copy of Weeknight Gluten Free, a new cookbook from Kristine Kidd, arrived on my desk at the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) office, I leafed through the pages and found myself focusing on recipes that didn’t vary too much from my normal dinner routine: Chicken Cutlets and Carrots with Mint Pesto, Oven “Fried” Chicken with Baby Spinach Salad, Chopped Salad with Chicken, Citrus and Avocado (can you tell I eat a lot of chicken?).  Then I came across the Sautéed Scallops and Quinoa with Orange-Avocado Salsa and decided I’d break away from my usual chicken and try something new.

Weeknight Gluten-Free Cookbook: Cookbook

Weeknight Gluten-Free by Kristine Kidd

Unfortunately, I got to the supermarket during the dinner rush and there were no scallops to be found.  The cookbook recommended using shrimp, chicken or turkey cutlets as an alternative, so I grabbed some shrimp and headed home to get cooking.

I hate to admit it, but while I’ve eaten quinoa before, I have never cooked it myself.  It was easy enough to make (not surprising, as it’s featured in a cookbook that boasts of quick and easy meals).  As the quinoa cooked, I chopped up my ingredients, which consisted of a unique blend of oranges, avocado, jalapeno peppers, shallot and fresh basil.  I bought pre-cooked shrimp, so I quickly sautéed it in a pan to heat it up.

Weeknight Gluten-Free Cookbook: Orange-Avocado Salsa

This unique ingredient combination had a subtle, smooth taste with an orangey-kick.

Once the quinoa was finished, I spread it over my plate and then topped it with my orange-avocado salsa and shrimp.  It didn’t look nearly as nice as the cookbook picture, but it sure tasted great.  Next time, I think I’ll use a little less basil and a little more orange to better suit my taste.  The recipe made for a light, airy dinner, but I still finished my meal feeling completely satisfied.  Plus, it only took about 25 minutes to make.  You can’t beat fast, healthy and delicious!

Weeknight Gluten-Free Cookbook: Sauteed Shrimp and Quinoa with Orange-Avocado Salsa

The picture in the cookbook looked much better than my dish, but the taste was still awesome!

The best part of my experience with Weeknight Gluten Free?  Getting to interview the author, Kristine Kidd.  Kristine is the former food editor for Bon Appétit magazine and she is also diagnosed with celiac disease, so she knows all about needing to make healthy and tasty gluten-free meals fast.  You can check out her story on CeliacCentral.org and get a sneak peek of the recipes in Weeknight Gluten-Free by visiting www.KristineKidd.com.

Want to try the Sautéed Scallops and Quinoa with Orange-Avocado Salsa for yourself?  Kristine has the recipe on her website!  Bon Appétit!

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  1. susan April 4, 2013 3:08 pm

    that sounds fantastic!! will need to give it a try!

  2. Alicia April 4, 2013 3:11 pm

    Enjoy! There are lots of other recipes in the book I’m anxious to try. I’m a big fan of anything that’s quick and easy to make!

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