The Starving Anthropologist Gluten-Free Cookies and Granola

By | Jan 23, 2013

The following review was written by Laura Hanley of G-Free Laura.

Are you looking for gluten-free granola that has a natural and amazing taste? Or oatmeal raisin cookies that don’t make you wish they were actually chocolate chip? Well, if so, you need to check out The Starving Anthropologist.

The Starving Anthropologist Gluten-Free Cookies and Granola: Granola Packages

The whole gluten-free granola and cookie lineup.

Who is The Starving Anthropologist? It’s a New Jersey company consisting of two foodies that use down-to-earth ingredients. Who doesn’t love ingredients that are natural, right?

When I received my package of goodies from The Starving Anthropologist, I was super excited.  Just by looking at the package I got that natural, this must be good for me feeling from the company.

The first thing I tried was the snickerdoodle cookie of course. It was just about as big as my face, which was pretty awesome. The cookie was definitely tasty, and garnered several ‘Likes’ on Instagram.

The Starving Anthropologist Gluten-Free Cookies and Granola: Snickerdoodle Cookie

How huge is this cookie?

I also received three different flavors of granola – Walnut & Honey, Maple & Pecan, and Double Chocolate Cranberry. My oh my, I didn’t know I liked granola as much as I do before opening a bag of these! My mind began racing with all of the different ideas to use it with…cookies, apple crisp, trail mix. But, I was also fine eating the granola straight out of the bag (it was actually quite difficult to stop!).

The Starving Anthropologist’s Oatmeal Raisin Cookies are something out of a gluten-free storybook. I opened a bag, took my first bite, and was in oatmeal raisin heaven. I literally ate three cookies in a row. So tasty! I even shared some with gluten-eaters and they definitely enjoyed them as well.

The Starving Anthropologist Gluten-Free Cookies and Granola: Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

I could not get enough of this oatmeal raisin cookie.  Delicious!

So, next time you’re looking for granola or a natural cookie to splurge with, visit The Starving Anthropologist’s website. Check out their selection and treat yourself. You won’t be sorry!

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