Earth Family Dip Mixes and Seasonings

By | Jan 10, 2013

Every Wednesday my friends and I gather to watch our favorite show and I often recruit them as taste testers for Gluten-Free Hot Products (sometimes, I even get them to cook with me).  This week, I decided to bring out the good ol’ fashioned chips and dip to munch on during the show, but instead of going with the traditional salsa and corn tortilla chips, I used the recipe on the back of Earth Family’s Gluten-Free Jalapeño Dip Mix.

Earth Family Dip Mixes and Seasonings: Jalapeno & Garden Veggie Dip Mixes

Earth Family’s Garden Veggie & Jalapeno Mixes

It was an easy enough recipe; just mix cream cheese and the Earth Family mix.  I started out mixing it with a wooden spoon, but quickly realized it would be much easier to use my handheld mixer instead.  I let it sit in the fridge for about two hours and then we all dug in.

Earth Family Dip Mixes and Seasonings: Jalapeno Dip

The finished product.

We all agreed that the jalapeño flavor was great.  Not too hot, but not lacking any kick either.  Next time, I’ll probably use less cream cheese than the recipe calls for, since I think it overpowered the flavor of the mix a bit.

The best part about the dip mix is that you can use it for practically anything.  Tired of plain grilled chicken?  Rub it with some of the seasoning before grilling it.  Need a little something extra for your taco?  Sprinkle some mix in the salsa to (literally) spice it up.  I could go on with ideas for how to use this mix, but I think Earth Family has it all covered in the recipe section of their website. (Note that not every recipe listed on their site is gluten-free, but they can be easily adapted and are great for giving you ideas on how to use their products.  Be sure to check all the ingredients!)

If jalapeño isn’t your style, Earth Family has other dip mixes and seasonings too like Roasted Garlic, Sweet Onion and Garden Veggie.  If you’re interested in giving them a try for yourself, you can order them directly from the Earth Family website.


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