Sweet Noise Volume 1 by Rubino’s Gluten-Free Traditions

By | Dec 11, 2012

Sweet Noise Volume 1 by Rubino’s Gluten-Free Traditions

One of the first product reviews I did when I joined the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) team was for Rubino’s Gluten-Free Traditions’ Baked Goods (formerly known as Sweet Rubino’s).  Now, I’m happy for the chance to review something slightly different (and unexpected) from the bakery: Sweet Noise Volume 1.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, Sweet Noise Volume 1 is not a cookie.  It’s a CD that Rubino’s put out a earlier this month featuring  nine original tracks from up and coming artists Ellen Once Again, Jay Psaros, Christine de Souza, Something Distant and Jose Docen.  (You can check out their bios on the Rubino’s blog.)

So what’s this have to do with gluten-free?  I’m glad you asked.

Sweet Noise Volume 1 by Rubino’s Gluten-Free Traditions: CD and Cookie Tin

NFCA’s very own copy of Sweet Noise Volume 1 (plus a box of yummy gluten-free cookies!)

As Rubino’s puts it, the Sweet Noise project was started to “make some noise” in the gluten-free community.  Christine de Souza, owner of Rubino’s and featured artist on the CD, is diagnosed with celiac disease, so she understands the importance of having gluten-free options that live up to the taste of their gluten-containing counterparts.  As her way of giving back to the community, she decided to pull the artists together to make this CD.  Not only have they created a CD that’s (literally) music to your ears, they’ve taken it a step further and are donating all of the proceeds to the organizations that support the celiac and gluten sensitive communities.

What I liked best about this CD was that it covered a lot of genres.  Some songs had a country sound, while others could be categorized as alternative.  It even included songs with that rock-pop sound that’s pretty popular these days.  Peppy songs, slows songs and ones that fall somewhere in between are all represented on the CD.  With so many varieties on the CD, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.  Our Director of Development Kim Moyer compared it to the “American Idol” of CDs, since it features so many aspiring artists and original sounds.

Sweet Noise Volume 1 was featured in NFCA’s Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide 2012, as it can make the perfect holiday gift for a friend, coworker or even yourself!  In the spirit of giving (and support of the gluten-free community, of course) Rubino’s is donating 100% of the CD proceeds to NFCA now through January 8, 2013 in support of our free programs and services.

Check out Sweet Noise Volume 1 at www.RubinosGlutenFreeTraditions.com.  There you can listen to the CD before purchasing, plus you can choose if you’d like to download a digital copy or order a physical CD.  Store owners can even purchase in bulk for re-sale through this link.

A big thank you to Rubino’s Gluten-Free Traditions for your support!

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