Gluten-Free Products from Betty Lou’s

By | Dec 17, 2012

A few weeks ago, I received a shipment of samples from Betty Lou’s, which focuses on making healthy, all natural gluten-free products that taste great. It was an interesting assortment of foods, and I was eager to give them a try. Here’s the rundown:

Gluten-Free Products from Betty Lou's: Product Assortment

All the Betty Lou’s gluten-free product varieties.

Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls

At first glance, this product looks like an Everlasting Gobstopper – large and round. But instead of being a globe of sugar, it’s made from healthful ingredients like almond butter and ginger. There’s even a flavor that includes spirulina – one of the new buzzwords in nutritional supplements. Overall, the Nut Butter Balls taste like a low sugar, nutty taffy, which makes them tasty but rather difficult to eat on the go. They’re calorie-dense – more than 200 calories per ball – so one will be plenty to satisfy your sweet tooth and your appetite. Fortunately, those calories are accompanied by a good amount of protein, so it will keep you fueled for a while, without a nasty sugar spike.

Gluten-Free Products from Betty Lou's

These might look like an Everlasting Gobstopper at first, but these Nut Butter Balls are packed with healthful ingredients instead!

Betty Lou’s Gluten-Free Fruit Bars

These reminded me of those popular fruit-filled breakfast bars, except they’re free from gluten and preservatives. Like the Nut Butter Balls, the bars pack a lot of calories into a few bites, so don’t mistake them for a low-calorie snack. The soft cereal part of the bar has excellent flavor and texture, with no weird aftertaste. The fruit filling is very sweet, which I think makes it almost like a handheld gluten-free version of pie. In fact, I would recommend heating the bar slightly, then topping with ice cream or fresh whipped cream for a single-serve dessert.


Gluten-Free Products from Betty Lou's: Fruit Bars


Betty Lou’s Low Glycemic Protein Shake – Vanilla

Recently, I’ve been following an exercise regimen that calls for protein shakes, so I’ve become familiar with the wide range of protein powders available. This product added volume to my shake and enough sweetness to offset the bitter greens that I typically blend in. There is a slightly gritty aftertaste if you hand-stir the powder into a glass of milk, but it’s not noticeable if you use a blender or stir the powder into a thicker mixture with yogurt or fresh fruit. Knowing how much sugar some brands pack into their powders, I was happy to find that this one contained zero grams of sugar.

Gluten-Free Products from Betty Lou's: Low Glycemic Vanilla Protein Shake

This one was tasty and had zero grams of sugar!

Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff Organic Powdered Peanut Butter

This was by far my favorite product in the batch. I had heard of powdered peanut butter for about a year, but never tried it. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how to use it. First, I added a little water to a small spoonful of the powder. It quickly turned into a liquid-y peanut butter; delicious flavor, but you’ll need to get the proportions right to make it spreadable. The true benefit I found is using the powder in any other substance, like yogurt, gluten-free oatmeal and smoothies. It quickly transforms the food, adding a distinct peanut butter flavor. The possibilities for use seem endless – ice cream, gluten-free pancakes, gluten-free cookie batter. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

Gluten-Free Products from Betty Lou's: Powdered Peanut Butter

This one is by far my favorite gluten-free product from Betty Lou’s!

Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff Organic Fruit and Vegetable Bars

I tried these bars in two flavors: Chocolate Dream Greens and Superberry Acai. They’re vegan, gluten-free and reminded me of a very soft fruit leather – all one consistent texture; no rice crisps, fudgy coating or cake-y layers. While both were tasty, I preferred the Chocolate flavor, which actually contained a mixture of carrots, bananas and green vegetables. I found that it was enough of a treat without being syrupy sweet.

Gluten-Free Products from Betty Lou's: Veggie Bar

Organic Chocolate Dream Greens

To order these gluten-free products online or to find a store that carries them near you, visit Betty Lou’s website.


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