New Garden of Eatin’ Sweet Potato Corn Chips

By | Nov 10, 2012

Just in time for fall Garden of Eatin’ released their new Sweet Potato Corn Chips. Similar to all of the other chips made by Garden of Eatin’ this new addition is made with high quality organic ingredients. Yet their new Sweet Potato Corn Chips are lacking the blend of healthy whole grains I normally expect from them. This makes these chips more of a treat as opposed to a healthy snack.

A delicious treat is exactly what Garden of Eatin’s new Sweet Potato Corn Chips taste like.  Because these chips are basically sweet potato flavored corn chips they are pleasantly crunchy. Plus the corn flavor works amazingly well with the sweet potato flavor.  In addition to the naturally sugary flavor of sweet potatoes, these chips are also lightly sweetened with cane juice. Though you might think this would result in an overly sweet chip, the blend of ingredients including salt and paprika produce a very balanced chip.

While I really liked these chips and my love of all things Autumnal means that I definitely appreciate the timing of their release, I am disappointed by the fact that neither these chips nor any of Garden of Eatin’s chips are certified gluten-free. I found this surprising since many of their chips proudly display gluten-free labels. According to Garden of Eatin’s official site, “Many Garden of Eatin’ products are made without gluten or gluten-based ingredients, and are not tested for gluten.” I hope this eventually changes because they make so many tasty naturally gluten-free products.

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