Thai Kitchen Stir-Fry Noodles and Dessert Recipe

By | Oct 8, 2012

Last week, the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) launched two new Alternative Appetites videos. In the videos, our main man Dan Kohler cooks with Stir-Fry Noodles from Thai Kitchen.

Thai Kitchen Gluten-Free Stir-Fry Noodles Box

Thai Kitchen’s Stir-Fry Noodles come in three flavors.

I’ve used the Stir-Fry Noodles at least four or five times before – Tip: Follow the cooking instructions on the package. Overcooking will make them gummy – but I always prepared them traditionally, either as a stir-fry or Pad Thai. Then Dan showed me how to get creative.

Dan’s first recipe is for a Vietnamese Noodle Salad, which is a fresh, light and slightly spicy dish. Right up my alley. But his second recipe, Sweet Noodle Pudding, prompted a double-take. Rice pudding, but made with rice noodles? So simple, yet so genius. I had to try it.

The best part about this recipe is that I had all the ingredients in my pantry. Any recipe that doesn’t require a special trip to the grocery store earns brownie points in my book.

Thai Kitchen Gluten-Free Stir-Fry Noodles Individual Serving

Everyone loves the individually wrapped packets.

I had a carton of soy milk already open in the fridge, so I poured that along with coconut milk into a sauce pan, added sugar and vanilla, and flipped on the burner. (Did I mention how simple this recipe is?)

Once the mixture was simmering, I added the noodles, covered it, and sat back. I recommend staying in the kitchen, as I had to modify the heat to make sure it didn’t start bubbling over, but the recipe basically prepares itself. After 15 minutes, I threw in some raisins and let it continue thickening.

Thai Kitchen Gluten-Free Sweet Noodle Pudding

The Sweet Noodle Pudding will thicken as it cooks.

I decided to pour my noodle pudding into individual servings. The noodles were a little difficult to divide up, so sticking with Dan’s plan to pour it all into a big platter is much easier. (Note: Licking the spoon is entirely acceptable – just give it a few seconds to cool off!) After a few hours in the fridge, my gluten-free dessert was ready to enjoy.

Thai Kitchen Sweet Noodle Pudding Gluten-Free Dessert

It’s not the prettiest dessert, but it’s gluten-free goodness in your mouth!

I’ll admit that this dish looks a little usual – almost like a colored fettuccine alfredo. But once you get past appearances, it’s completely delicious. The noodles are soft and sweet, and the raisins give a pop of flavor. I recommend adding some spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to brighten it up. A few walnuts or sliced almonds would be great to add texture, too.

All in all, Sweet Noodle Pudding is a yummy gluten-free dessert that is versatile in every way. You can customize it with your favorite mix-ins; make it for two people or twenty; and prepare it in advance so you’re not slaving over a stove while company’s in the house.

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