Samai Gluten-Free Plantain Chips

By | Oct 4, 2012

You may be like me and have never heard of a plantain chip before (or, maybe you have and I’m behind the times).  Either way, if you’re a potato chip fan, you’ll most likely enjoy Samai’s Pacific Sea Salt Plantain Chips.

I went to Natural Products Expo East a few weeks ago, and these were just one of the many (and I stress many) gluten-free samples I took back with me to the NFCA office.  I was hitting that end of the day slump and needed a little pick me up, so I decided to give the plantains a whirl.

Samai Gluten-Free Plantain Chips: Plantain Chips

Samai’s Gluten-Free Plantain Chips

For those of you who don’t know, plantains are from the banana family.  The sea salt plantains are a little surprising because they look like thin little banana slices but they’re salty like a potato chip. Kind of weird, right? But they’re surprisingly awesome. They’re crunchy on the edges of the chip, but still somewhat chewy in the middle.

I was curious to see what else you could do with plantain chips other than packing them as an afternoon snack, so I Googled around as was surprised to find there are lots of recipes out there that use plantains.  The W.H.O.L.E. Gang has one for Plantain Lasagna and Life, Gluten-Free paired the banana chips with Coconut Rice Pudding.

All in all, I give the plantains 2 thumbs up.  Samai Snacks makes a few different varieties of plantains, so visit their website to find a flavor that suits your taste buds and maybe try one out for your own plantain recipe.


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