Stonyfield OIKOS Greek Yogurt

By | Sep 27, 2012

Greek yogurt is extremely popular these days. This is not a surprise to me because I’ve been a fan of Greek yogurt for a long time and for good reasons. Not only is its texture thicker and creamier than traditional yogurt but it also has twice the protein with fewer carbs and less lactose. Though most Greek yogurts are gluten-free it is still wise to check the label. This is especially true when additional ingredients such as syrups or granola are included.

Stonyfield makes one of my favorite Greek yogurts. In addition to being made with certified organic milk, most of Stonyfield’s yogurts are also certified gluten-free including their Greek yogurt line, OIKOS. It is important to note that though Stonyfield’s Frozen Greek Yogurt is not made with any ingredients that contain gluten, they are manufactured on the same equipment as products with gluten. As a result the Frozen Greek Yogurt is not certified. It is easy to tell which of Stonyfield’s products are safe because they proudly display a GF label on the package.

Stonyfield’s OIKOS line of Greek yogurt is available in many great flavors like strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, caramel and chocolate. All of Stonyfield’s yogurts are made with quality ingredients with great flavor and texture, however it is the versatility and deliciously tart and tangy flavor of their plain Greek yogurt that makes it my favorite. Along with being available in various sizes, and amazing flavors, Stonyfield’s OIKOS is available in 0% fat and 1.5% fat which provides a slightly creamier texture than the fat free version. Currently I enjoy Stonyfield OIKOS Greek yogurt for breakfast with fresh fruit and as a replacement for less healthy ingredients in gluten-free sandwiches, gluten-wraps and other recipes.

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