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By | Sep 19, 2012

NFCA volunteer Laura Hanley of G-Free Laura submitted this review of Larabar Uber Bars.

After going gluten-free some time ago, I always found it difficult to find snacks that could get me through my long school and work days. I often had to turn to gluten-free products that I did not necessarily like, but was forced to settle for at the expense of my wallet. I constantly read about gluten-free products online that people claimed to be tasty, and wondered why my taste-buds couldn’t be as lucky as theirs were.

About a year ago I was referred to Larabars by another gluten-free blogger/tweeter and found myself on a mission to find this gluten-free snack that actually had a good reputation in regards to taste AND availability. I started to visit local grocery stores but sadly couldn’t find the gems. Then, when I moved back home after graduating college, I noticed the local Kroger’s store kept these suckers stocked in several different flavors for the sole delight of my taste-buds.

Larabar Uber Bars: Flavor Varieties

Couldn’t wait to try these out!

Ever since Larabars have been available to me, I have been an advocate of them, suggesting the snack to others, packing them on a daily basis to work, and almost always keeping one on hand for those times when you get stranded somewhere and NEED food. I thought that having the option of apple pie, banana bread, chocolate-chip brownie, chocolate-chip cookie dough, and blueberry muffin would keep me satisfied for the rest of my natural born life.

I was mistaken.

Larabar now has their line of uber bars. These babies have all sorts of nuts, and they taste absolutely fantastic. I first tested out the uber-ness with Larabar’s Bananas Foster flavor and was the happiest girl alive. The bar tasted just like banana nut bread, and who doesn’t love banana nut bread?! Stocked with healthy ingredients like dried bananas, walnuts, almonds, pecans, dates (although I’d rather go on one than eat one), and natural sweeteners, this is a guilt-free treat! However, since it has so much nuttiness, you do have to watch out for the calorie, fat and sodium content.

Larabar Uber Bars- Bananas Foster Larabar

Who doesn’t love banana nut bread? This bar tastes like the real deal.

The next uber flavor I tasted was the Apple Turnover, and it was once again a wonderful delight. With less calories than the Bananas Foster (190 compared to 230 calories), I didn’t feel quite as guilty when I scarfed one of these down. The mix of walnuts, pecans, dried apples, raisin, dates (once again, I’m single and don’t go on enough of these), and natural sweeteners will make you happy to pack this snack in your bag every day.

Larabar Uber Bars- Apple Turnover Larabar

The perfect blend of walnuts, pecans, dried apples, raisin, and dates

The uberness doesn’t stop there. Larabar also has a Cherry Cobbler edition of the nut-tastic bars, consisting of dried cherries, almonds, pecans, cashews, raisins, dates (yep…I’m free this weekend), and natural sweeteners. Being that I prefer bananas and apples over cherries, this wasn’t exactly my favorite of the collection, but it definitely still tickled my fancy. I must also mention that I’m not the kind of gal that eats any type of peanuts (except if they’re all ground up in a jar of peanut butter), so the fact that I like these nutty bars is a real accomplishment in the first place.

Larabar Uber Bars- Cherry Cobbler Larabar

Cherry Cobbler Larabar

The final flavor in the uber line of Larabars is the Roasted Nut Roll. Just by reading the name, I wasn’t as excited to eat it because it had no fruit involved. But, for the sake of all you readers, I gave it a go.

My reaction was what I expected it to be, which was, “Eh.” I would definitely eat this bar in the event where I had nothing else and needed a snack at that exact moment, but in any other sense I would rather have the above flavors instead. Now remember, this is my own personal opinion of the bar. As I explained earlier, I’m not the kind of gal that likes assorted nuts, so without the balancing act of the fruit, it just isn’t my thing.

Larabar Uber Bars- Roasted Nut Roll Larabar

This one wasn’t my favorite, but will probably be a hit with nut-lovers.

Regardless, I recommend all Larabars, as they are gluten-free snacks that fill you up, taste good, and are a healthy alternative. Check out the Larabar website and show your #gfreelove by following them on Twitter at @larabar!

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  1. Lynne September 19, 2012 4:44 pm

    Tried them and they r awful

  2. Gluten-Free Larabars | September 19, 2012 8:57 pm

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  3. Bev Bayne February 27, 2013 11:21 am

    Where can I buy these bars?

  4. Alicia February 27, 2013 11:31 am

    Thanks for checking out the blog! You can purchase them directly from their website store at

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