Edward & Sons Onion & Garlic Rice Snax

By | Aug 3, 2012

I had the chance to try out new Rice Snax from Edward & Sons this week.  They’re these great little thin crackers that are naturally gluten-free.  They come in a variety of flavors- Lightly Salted, Onion & Garlic, Salt & Vinegar, and Barbecue.  I tried the Onion & Garlic but, warning, don’t eat unless you have a piece of gum handy.

Edward & Sons Onion & Garlic Rice Snax- Box of Rice Snax

Keep an eye out for these in your grocery store

They’re great by themselves, but they can be used in so many different ways.  I was that kid that put Doritos on a cheese sandwich, so I’m always a fan of adding some crunch to a meal.  These could be an alternative to croutons and would go great crumbled on top of a salad, giving it that extra kick and something similar to those Asian noodles you find on top of salads at restaurants.

Edward & Sons Onion & Garlic Rice Snax- Gluten-Free Rice Snacks

I tried these out by themselves and they had great flavor!

If you’re tired of the same old plain potato chip, these will definitely be a change of pace.  They’re perfect for dipping in your favorite gluten-free spread, but the crackers are on the thin side, so they wouldn’t be ideal for toppings.  Fairly low in calories, they’ll make a good in-between-meals snack or lunchbox companion for the kids.

Look for these snacks in your local grocery store or check them out on the Edward & Son website.

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