Butterfly Bakery Gluten-Free Cookies and Muffins

By | Aug 31, 2012

NFCA volunteer Laura Hanley of G-Free Laura submitted this review of Butterfly Bakery’s Gluten-Free Cookies and Muffins.

I’ve had quite a few gluten-free cookies in my day and have dealt with several issues associated with them – too crumbly, weird aftertaste, unnecessarily thin, too crunchy, and just plain old cardboard-tasting. In the beginning of my gluten-free journey, it at times felt like a never-ending struggle to find a good gluten-free cookie. But, I am happy to say, things have changed in the gluten-free world! Our wonderful gluten-free bakeries out there are onto something, and I was lucky enough to experience the magnificent chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins of The Butterfly Bakery.

Butterfly Bakery, a gluten-free bakery located in New Jersey, knows how to make a cookie taste like a c-o-o-k-i-e! When I received my sample package from this NJ bakery, I couldn’t open up the container fast enough. After getting through the packaging barrier, I of course snapped a few pics while simultaneously swatting my mom’s hand away from the goodies. I had no idea the bliss my taste buds were about to experience.

Butterfly Bakery Gluten-Free Cookies: Cookies

Don’t these look amazing?

Just by picking up Butterfly Bakery’s chocolate chip cookie, I knew it would taste amazing. You can tell that it is moist, unlike others I have tried, and it’s also a thicker cookie, blowing those thin, crispy kinds out of the water! After going in for the kill, all my mom could hear from my mouth was “Ermahgerd, this cookie is sooo good,” in a “my mouth is full of food” kind of voice. I immediately gobbled up another cookie after not even fully finishing my first. My mom also tried the cookies and agreed that it was the perfect blend of everything – moist, crumbly (in a good way), thick, and chocolate-chipy.

You would think after inhaling somewhere in the range of two to five cookies in a matter of a few minutes, I would take a breather before opening the other package of treats from Butterfly Bakery. Well, you’re wrong. While stuffing a cookie in my mouth with one hand, I was opening the box of blueberry muffins with the other (I’m a multi-tasker). The mini muffins looked so darn cute in the package, and by the taste of the cookies, I knew I was in for a blueberry treat! I popped the first muffin in my mouth, and once again, I was floored. It was moist beyond reason, and I was confident I had won the muffin lottery.

Butterfly Bakery Gluten-Free Cookies: Blueberry Muffins

I saw these and couldn’t wait to try them!

After standing awestruck in my kitchen for a few more minutes, I quickly made up a to-go container, as I was on my way to a weekend on Lake Erie with friends. I later shared the goodies with those gluten-eating friends of mine, and they had to admit, everything was delicious. In fact, the goodies were so delicious that all that was left the next morning were a few crumbs and two mini muffins (which I immediately popped in my mouth upon waking up)!

Moral of the story – Butterfly Bakery’s cookies are life changing, and their muffins are moist out of this world. If gluten-eaters think as highly of these treats as I do, I am pretty sure we discovered something BIG (which is how I felt later after eating so many cookies)!

Butterfly Bakery Gluten-Free Cookies: Collage of Blueberry Muffins and Cookies

They taste even better than they look!

You can check out Butterfly Bakery’s other products on their website, and see what other life-changing, and belt-loosening goodies they have. Also, be sure to show your g-free love and follow @ButterflyBakery on Twitter, and “Like” them on Facebook.

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