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By | Jul 16, 2012

NFCA volunteer Laura Hanley of G-Free Laura submitted the below review of Gold’n Plump Bratwursts.

Bratwursts. They may possibly be the best, yet worst thing for you. They taste so darn good, yet you know, as you enjoy that wonderful, fresh from the grill taste, that they are in fact soooo bad. Among the unhealthiness of the yummy brat/sausage lies an unknown gluten-free barrier. Is that brat gluten-free? What brand is safe? Do I even have a gluten-free bun to put it in?

Well folks, throw all of your bratwurst and sausage induced fears away. Gold’n Plump is here to save the day with their new line of high-protein chicken bratwursts, Italian sausages and breakfast links.  These babies are gluten-free and nitrate free, and have much less fat than your traditional brat or sausage link. And as far as I can tell, they taste the same, if not better!

I received a sample package from Gold’n Plump that included their breakfast sausage links, Parmesan Italian Sausage, Hot Italian Sausage, and Chicken Bratwurst.  The calorie-conscious girl I am was happy to see that I wouldn’t have to spend too much extra time on the elliptical to burn off the links and sausages I was going to consume.

The Gold’n Plump product I tried first was the breakfast sausage. My mom so graciously cooked me breakfast one morning before work, including a skillet full of sausage (one of the benefits of living at home). I put ketchup on the table to dip the links in it, but truth be told, I didn’t even need it! The sausage was so juicy and flavorful; my taste buds were perfectly content sans condiment.

Breakfast sausage

Frying up some breakfast sausages


Breakfast sausage

Ready to eat


After being impressed by the breakfast sausage, I was certainly excited to try out a full-blown brat. I asked my stepdad to fire up the grill and cook the Chicken Bratwurst, Parmesan Italian Sausage, and the Hot Italian Sausage. Yes, we did cook all 3 flavors for one dinner. What can I say, I am an eclectic eater.

After all were cooked through and smelling like heaven, I couldn’t wait to dig in. The smart girl I am also thought it would be good to grill up some red and green peppers to pair with the sausages. Boy was I right.

First I tried the Original Chicken Bratwurst. It was very juicy and you could tell it was lean meat because there wasn’t the usual grease pouring out like you see with regular brats. I tried to control myself and only eat a few bites since I knew I wanted to taste the other two flavors as well. So, I moved onto the Hot Italian Sausage paired with my grilled peppers.

It was the BOMB DIGGITY.  I now have a new favorite dish. The Hot Italian flavor is by far my favorite, because as you may know, I am a bit of a spicy gal. No condiments are needed with this sausage as its own seasonings do the job.

Sausage and Peppers

Wasn't the added pepper a great idea?


Sausage and Peppers

Working my way through the awesome bratwurst

After tasting the wonderful Hot Italian, I moved onto the Parmesan Italian. It tasted very yummy, although it would probably taste wonderful mixed in your favorite pasta sauce, on top of some gluten-free noodles. I definitely will save the rest of these sausages for the next spaghetti night my family has. They will without a doubt make the meal 10x better than usual!

So, all in all, Gold’n Plump’s new line of gluten-free chicken brats, Italian sausages and breakfast links is awesome. These products would definitely bring your breakfast up a notch, and your BBQ would be complete with one of these lean brats nestled in a gluten-free bun. Check out the Gold’n Plump website to see their commitment to providing high-quality chicken!  To find out where you can purchase these products, visit the Where to Buy section on the Gold’n Plump website.

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