Gluten-Free Memorial Day

By | May 24, 2012

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner. In addition to its official purpose as a day of remembrance, it also marks the unofficial beginning of outdoor grilling season. In honor of the upcoming holiday I have three great gluten-free product picks, as well a few tips and suggestions, to help make your Memorial Day grilling experience a happy and healthy one.

1) Amy’s Bistro Veggie Burger

My first pick is for the veggie burger lovers. Amy’s Bistro Veggie Burger is a great tasting option that is not only gluten-free but also dairy free. This veggie burger is made with organic, brown rice, pinto beans, mushrooms and a touch of barbeque sauce. Please note that not all of Amy’s Veggie Burgers are gluten-free, so it is important to look for the gf label. Visit Amy’s Kitchen official site for more details on all of their gluten-free products.

While I’m on the subject of burgers, be careful of packaged paddies. Some companies may include breadcrumbs in their patties, making them an unsafe option for anyone with celiac disease. If you can’t guarantee they are gluten-free then making your burgers from fresh ground meat is a safer choice.

2) Dietz & Watson’s Deli Beef Franks

If you prefer a gluten-free hot dog than you are in luck. The Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) has listed over 400 Dietz & Watson items as Gluten-Free. This includes many of their hot dogs. Dietz & Watson’s Deli Beef Franks are a delicious and safe option that is not only perfect for celiac guest but everyone. Just remember to pick up some gluten-free hot dog buns and you are all set. For a full list of gluten-free products visit Dietz & Watsons official website.

3) Jennie-O’s Turkey Franks

Want something just as delicious but a bit leaner then standard hot dogs, then Jennie-O’s Turkey Franks are the way to go. Jennie-O’s franks are made from 100 percent turkey and the natural smoke flavoring added works perfectly with grilling. In addition to being gluten-free they also contain 50 percent less fat than standard beef franks. Visit Jennie-O’s official website for full product information.


Of course grilling fresh vegetables and fruits will always make a delicious and healthy addition to any outside gathering. Regardless of what you decided to serve, be sure to take the steps required to reduce the risk of cross contamination if you are sharing the grill with foods that may contain gluten. It is also very important to check the labels of any condiments being served, since they may also contain gluten. By stocking up on gluten-free products and taking a few extra precautions you will be well on your way to having a happy and healthy gluten-free Memorial Day.

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