Just Ask Josh Gluten-Free Brownies and Cookie Dough

By | Apr 6, 2012

[This review was written by NFCA volunteer Alexander Hymowitz, who is a junior in high school. He’s quickly becoming our cookie dough connoisseur!]

After receiving a package of gluten-free samples from Just Ask Josh, I was overcome with joy. First because I knew the product would be good, and second because the box looked huge. In this box there were two products, the first being gluten-free brownies and the second being gluten-free cookie dough.

Just Ask Josh cookiesBefore we delve into how the products looked and tasted like I first have to tell you why these products were immediately great. A large issue I have when making gluten-free brownies is that it requires making it from a mix and takes a little bit of work. The brownies from Just Ask Josh are pre-cut brownies packages that require a little bit of heating, although you can eat them straight out of the box. They are much simpler to make and easier than any other brownie product I’ve found. The brownies actually look and taste delicious. They come in these tins that make it easy to cut and eat or serve. The brownies when heated taste delicious.

I give fair warning when I say that they do not taste like brownies made from a mix; they taste like brownies you can buy from a store. The brownies are soft in the middle, very chocolaty and crunchy at the ends. The brownies are so versatile, they can easily be used for everything from a quick snack to the base of a brownie sundae – which, might I add, is a delicious use of the brownies.  Although not yet available online, the brownies will soon be available at the Just Ask Josh website. They are also available at many stores.

Just Ask Josh Gluten-Free CookiesThe pre-packaged, pre-cut cookies are alike in many aspects. They are easily made, taste delicious and are very versatile. The cookies come in frozen circular mounds that are quite large. The beauty of this product comes from how easy it is to make. Unlike many other cookie mixes Just Ask Josh’s cookies are pre-cut and require very little work to make. They take a couple of minutes in the oven to be a delicious gluten-free chocolate chip cookie.

The gluten-free cookies taste very much like normal gluten-filled cookies. The only real issue is that, unlike many other cookies, if you do not eat the cookies a couple of days after baking them, they get very hard. Considering the fact that the cookies are really delicious, I do not think that will be an issue. There will probably be no more cookies left after you bake them. Just like the brownies, you can buy the cookies online very soon on Just Ask Josh’s website.

Both products are certified gluten-free and kosher. These products are a very good treat to keep at home for a quick snack after school or work and go perfectly with any dessert.

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  1. Mia April 10, 2012 2:40 pm

    Hi….do you send samples?

  2. Cheryl April 11, 2012 10:21 am

    Hi Mia. I’d suggest contacting Just Ask Josh. Here is a link to their Contact Form:

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