Eat Like a Dinosaur: Recipe & Guidebook for Gluten-Free Kids

By | Apr 13, 2012

I received an advanced copy of  Eat Like a Dinosaur by the Paleo Parents last month. Unfortunately I was not able to review it till today. While I was reading through  Eat Like a Dinosaur, I found myself describing everything in the book, from it’s title and the title of the chapters in it, to the language and images used through out the book, as cute. As great as cute can be, especially for a book intended for children, I was also pleased that the book seemed to be thoughtfully written by knowledgeable authors who felt passionate about the subject. By the end of the book, I felt less like I had been lectured, and more like I had received some useful advice from experienced parents.

Though the overall purpose of  Eat Like a Dinosaur is to help parents help their children adjust to a paleo diet the book really ends up being a simple guide for the whole family. The Paleo Diet, as some of you may know, is short for Paleolithic and it is based on the eating habits of our ancestors. This means lots of real food like meat, veggies, fruits and nuts and zero processed foods, added sugar, grains or dairy. Since it is a grain-free diet, it is one of the healthy options for those diagnosed with celiac disease and following a gluten-free diet. It is important to mention that though the diet specified in this book is paleo, the real focus is on improving your families healthy through a healthy diet. So it can still be a useful tool for helping children adjust to a variety of restricted diets in addition to a paleo diet.

Eat Like a Dinosaur is broken up into three main sections. The first chapter, adorably named “The Boring Chapter for Parents”, introduces you to the authors and their family, tells their story, and offers advice based on their experiences. During this chapter I found the authors to be extremely real and likeable people. The second chapter contains a short children’s story that teaches us how a little boy and his family learned to eat like dinosaurs, or in adult terms, learned to eat a diet free of grains or dairy and filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. The story is very short and easy for children to follow and relate to. Since I know children who have had to adjust to restricted diets I found the story to be touching. The remaining chapters in the book are dedicated to over 100 kid friendly recipes and projects. There are recipes for main and side dishes, dips and sauces, snacks and special treats. This section also includes tips on packing lunches as well as suggestion for fun food and outdoor projects for the whole family to enjoy.

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