Bobbi’s Best Gluten-Free Hummus

By | Feb 22, 2012

During a recent trip to the grocery store my boyfriend came across samples of a new gluten-free product (or at least new to us) Bobbi’s Best Hummus.  Since he knew how much I enjoy hummus and trying out new and potentially delicious gluten-free foods he brought some home for me to sample for myself.

At first I admit I wasn’t overly impressed. The package it came in was pretty simple. It was just a plain white tub with blue print. The most notable of the text, besides the gluten-free label of course, was a warning “Garlic Lovers Only.” As a lover of not only garlic but also of bold flavors in general this “warning” immediately piqued my interest.

But of course it is what is inside the package that truly matters. So I am pleased to say I was very happy with the flavor and texture of the hummus inside the simple packaging. Though Bobbi’s Best Hummus is available in a wide variety of flavors including several geared toward children, I only tried two of them, Tex Mex and Mild Garlic. Both including the Mild Garlic had very bold flavors and tasted amazingly fresh. Tex Mex contained black beans and jalapenos so it was hearty and pleasantly spicy.  The Mild Garlic flavor is more like a traditional flavored hummus and was very garlicky with a hint of lemon juice to balance it out. Both had a tad thinner consistency than some of the more commercial hummus I’m used to, but were still very smooth and creamy. It is also important to mention that Bobbi’s Best uses soybean oil instead of the more traditional tahini in their hummus. The result is a slightly creamier texture with a bit more of a buttery flavor.

Though I’ve only tried two of Bobbi’s Best flavors, I enjoyed them both enough to look forward to trying their other flavors of hummus as well as some of their other spreads and dips.  Since Bobbi’s Best is a smaller Philadelphia company so it may not be available in every state or store. However, if you do come across it, it is definitely worth a try. To learn more about Bobbi’s Best visit their official website (which is currently under construction) or visit them on Facebook.

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  1. Geri April 10, 2012 2:13 pm

    My husband and I were in Sam’s Club in Freehold NJ last week, and they were having a sampling of Bobbi’s Best Hummus….well we only bought 2 thinking we could buy more at Sam’s club. Well I went today to get more and I was told it was only a demonstration and that they dont sell it..I was so disappointed…could you please let me know which stores I can get this hummus which is the best in the world…I would greatly appreciate it…

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