Goose Valley: Wild Rice Blends

By | Jan 31, 2012

Rice is a staple of the gluten-free diet. However not all rice is created equal. When it comes to nutrition, whole grain rice is the winning choice without question. Whole grain rice is low in all the bad things like saturated fat and unhealthy cholesterol and jam-packed with the good things like fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. It is hard to imagine a healthier option, until you consider blending it with another nutritional powerhouse grain like wild rice. And that is exactly what Goose Valley did with their Brown & Wild Rice Fusion.

Goose Valley’s Brown & Wild Rice Fusion is a hearty and healthy blend of four types of whole grains, CalMati Brown Rice, Wild Rice, Heirloom Red Rice, and Calmochi Sweet Brown Rice.  Each serving contains 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of Protein along with many of the vitamins and minerals that play an important role in a healthy diet. In addition to all the health benefits this blend brings to the table it is also wonderfully aromatic, colorful, and most importantly, it’s delicious.

Goose Valley offers several other varieties of blends and fusions including Basmati Rice Fusion and a Rice and Bean Fusion, in addition to packs of pure wild rice. All Goose Valley products are heart healthy and certified Gluten-free.

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