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By | Dec 22, 2011

Gluten-Free Way Better Snacks“Sprouted chips” doesn’t sound the most appealing from the outset, but Way Better Snacks are actually way better for you and way better tasting than your standard snack options. And they’re certified gluten-free.

The tortilla chips, which come in six flavors, are made using a process known as “sprouting.” Basically, they let the seeds germinate before they add them to the chip. The sprouted chia seeds, broccoli seeds, quinoa seeds, etc. add nutritional benefits like more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Sprouting also promotes good digestion and nutrient absorption. You can learn more about it on the company’s website: Sprouting: The Difference.

With all those nutrients, you’d wonder if some flavor would be compromised. Not the case. These chips are addictively good, and the perfect size and shape for dipping (they’re just as good solo, too).

Here’s the rundown:

Gluten-Free Way Better Snacks with hummusMulti-Grain: These are the closest to a standard tortilla chip. Salty, cruchy and hearty without having an overwhelming flavor one way or the other.  Great for taco dip.

Sweeet Potato (Yes, that’s three e’s): These were my favorite of the lot. I’ve had sweet potato chips before that tasted barely like sweet potatoes, but these left no questions asked. A nice dusting of salt makes them perfectly snackable. I’ll be honest – I ate them straight out of the bag. No dips or pairings needed.

Sweet Chili: This flavor is for the spice fans. There is a good bit of heat – the kind that tickles your throat as you continue to munch. Have a glass of water handy so you can enjoy these without interruption.

Black Bean: I don’t know what it is about black beans that make them tasty so meaty, but these chips fall along that line. They’re surprisingly filling, yet still delicious. Use them to finish off a bowl of turkey or vegetarian chili.

Unbeatable Blues: These are comparable to blue corn tortilla chips currently on shelves. They’re versatile enough for many dips or dishes, but look more intriguing than the classic yellow or white corn chip.

Naked Blues: These are a no-salt version of the Unbeatable Blues. Personally, I missed the salt. The chips tasted a little drab, but nothing that fresh guacamole or fruit salsa couldn’t liven up. If you’re monitoring your salt intake, this is a great option. If not, the other flavors are worth the extra sodium.

Way Better Snacks are available in grocery stores across the country, including Wegmans and Fairway. They will be available in Whole Foods Market starting in January. You can also order them online.


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