Gluten-Free Pasta and Nougat from LucaSanti Foods

By | Dec 2, 2011

Nonna Grazia Gluten-Free RigatoniCorn flour and water. Those are the only ingredients in Nonna Grazia pasta. The gluten-free pasta line includes everything from Spaghetti to Elbows to Baby Shells, all produced in a gluten-free facility and imported by LucaSanti Foods.

I was a bit skeptical when I poured a few cups of Rigatoni into a pot of boiling water.  With nothing but corn to hold it together, I figured it would get gummy or fall apart while cooking. Not the case. The pasta cooked to a nice al dente, and held up even when I added it to my “meat” sauce (I mixed tomato sauce with spinach, onions and crumbled veggie burgers). It didn’t taste like traditional wheat pasta, but it didn’t taste artificial either. Just a hearty bowl of starchy goodness.

Nonna Grazia Gluten-Free SpaghettiKristin gave Nonna Grazia Spaghetti a whirl and was impressed by how much it smelled like traditional pasta while it was cooking. She also found the taste similar to gluten-containing pasta. Her recipe tip? Use canned salmon for a quick and inexpensive way to get your Omega-3s.  Mix with garlic, rainbow Swiss chard and olive oil and pour over gluten-free pasta for a healthy meal.

In addition to the gluten-free pasta, Nonna Grazia sent us samples of gluten-free soft nougat, including Nougat Passion bars and Almond and Cocoa “Sofficiona” (soft nougat cake). As expected, the nougat is very sweet and chewy – not for those who prefer a dessert that’s low in sugar.

Gluten-Free NougatWhat’s nice about the nougat, however, is that it contains nuts and/or dried fruits throughout, which counter the sweetness and add texture to each bite. The Sofficiona was the most unusual, as it seemed more fit for eating with your hands than with a fork. It also is a very large slice, so it’s best shared with friends.

To learn more about these gluten-free products, visit LucaSanti Foods on Facebook.

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