Gluten Free Bisquick

By | Dec 12, 2011

All though the gluten-free version of Betty Crocker’s Bisquick has been available for a long time, I still had not tried it. In fact, I had almost forgotten about it completely until it caught my eye while shopping this weekend. There it was, far from the gf section sitting next to the Original Bisquick with only the words “Gluten Free” and a much higher price tag setting it apart from the other items in the baking isle.  So I decided to give it a try. Despite the fact that Bisquick is marketed as an extremely versatile baking mix, it is probably best known for quick and easy pancakes and biscuits. So it seemed naturally to make them both using the gluten-free version.

I started with a recipe I found on Betty Crocker’s official site for Gluten Free Cheese Garlic Drop Biscuits. Since I wanted the younger members of the household to be able to try them I left out the garlic powder, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. It is only a tiny bit more complicated then the standard directions for drop biscuits, so it was not very hard to make. Nor did it take very long. In less than a half hour the biscuits were done and ready to taste.

The finished product did not look exactly like traditional drop biscuits. I partially credit this to trying out a new recipe.  In addition the flour mixture, a combination of rice and potato flour, was much finer than the original. They did not taste exactly like traditional drop biscuits either. To me they tasted too much like potato. However everyone else in the house liked them. Even though I didn’t enjoy the flavor as much as everyone else, I was pleased with how fluffy and moist they were.

Since the cheesy drop biscuits had a potato after taste I was concerned the pancakes would as well. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In addition to being fluffy and moist they tasted exactly as pancakes, gluten-free or not, should taste.

Though I do not agree that Bisquick Original or Gluten-Free is the right choice for a pizza crust or maybe not even a pie crust, it is amazingly handy for early morning pancakes and dinner biscuits.  Especially when you are short on time. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the gluten-free consumer has to pay a bit more for this convenience. For a 16 oz box of Gluten-free Bisquick I paid $4.99, while the same size of Original Bisquick was only $2.29.  On the positive side, individuals diagnosed with celiac disease may be able to receive tax deductions for expenses associated with gluten-free foods in instances were the cost is higher than that of regular items.  To learn more on how this works check out Celiac Central’s Tax Deduction Guide for Gluten-Free Products.

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