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By | Oct 10, 2011

Katz Gluten Free is a well-known and loved name in the world of gluten-free baked goods. Yet somehow I have not yet had the opportunity to review any of their many products. However a recent trip to the grocery store in search of a Rosh Hashanah themed product provided the perfect opportunity. This is when I crossed paths with Katz Gluten Free Round Challah.

Challah is traditionally used for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Since I am not Jewish and have very little experience with this type of bread, I cannot say with any confidence that it taste like traditional challah should. However I can say it tasted good.

Katz Gluten Free offers challah in many varieties along with a huge assortment of other baked goods including rolls, buns, sliced bread, pizza crust, many types of desserts, and more. All of Katz products are kosher and free of gluten, dairy and nuts and are made in a dedicated bakery. In addition to being tasty and gluten-free these products are also widely available in many grocery stores as well as specialty stores. A store locator is available on Katz website to help you find them a bit easier. If you happen to live in an area Katz products are not sold they can be purchased through their website. A sample pack is also available through the website so that you can try Katz delicious products before you buy.

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