Part Two: Guy Fieri’s Gluten-free Barbeque Sauce

By | Jul 1, 2011

Guy BBQ Gluten-FreeAs mentioned in last week’s review, Food Network Star, bestselling author, Chef and Restaurateur Guy Fieri has launched a line of Barbeque Sauces and Salsas just in time for summer. Though I enjoyed Guy Fieri new line of salsas, reviewed in Part One, I had a good feeling that Fieri’s skills would really shine through his barbecue sauces and marinades.

Guy Fieri’s Signature Barbeque Sauces are available in four varieties, though only the three included in this review are gluten-free.

Kansas City Barbeque Sauce: Smoky and SweetSauces
This sauce is intended to be the most like a traditional barbeque sauce, though I think it is far more flavorful than many of the other sauces stocked on grocery store shelves. It is very thick with a sweet yet smoky flavor. The sauce is dark brown with specks of black pepper, garlic, and onion. Those little specks pack a decent punch and add a nice blend of flavor and heat to the smooth smoky flavor of the sauce

Bourbon Brown Sugar Barbeque Sauce: Sweet & Sticky
Guy Fieri’s Bourbon Brown Sugar lives up to its name as sweet and sticky. It is only slightly thinner than the Kansas City Sauce and goes equally well on the grill as it does as dipping sauce. The brown sugar provides a sugary sweet flavor, which is complimented by smoky bourbon. In addition to a hint of spicy black pepper which adds some heat, pinapple and orange juice balance that heat with sweet and tangy citrusy flavors.

Carolina #6 Barbeque Sauce & Marinade: Mop & Slop
Unlike the first two sauces Guy Fieri’s Carolina #6 Barbeque Sauce is not very thick. This is because it is intended for slower cooking dishes, and as a marinade. “Mop Sauces” like this one are designed to flavor and glaze with out burning or scorching. Though it is not as thick it is packed tangy and spicy flavor.

All four varieties of Guy Fieri’s Signature Barbeque Sauce can be found in supermarkets and online and are available in 19-ounce jars that are very reasonably priced.

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  1. Angie Halten July 3, 2011 5:13 pm

    I’m always interested to try a chef’s created product.

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