Falafel Republic Gluten-Free Falafel

By | Jul 25, 2011

Falafel Republic Gluten-Free FalafelWhere I live, Thai, Indian and Mexican food is never far out of reach. But falafel, a Middle Eastern specialty, still seems to be an exotic, hard-to-come-by dish.

In case you’re not familiar, falafel is typically made from ground or mashed chickpeas and spices. The mixture is rolled into a ball and lightly fried, then served with hummus, tahini or tzatziki. I often see falafel served in a pita, but you can enjoy it over salad or even gluten-free pasta.

The few times that I’ve had falafel, I wasn’t impressed. The texture was very dry and tough, and there was so much cumin that I could barely taste the chickpea base. I ended up globbing on sauce just to balance out some of the flavors.

Falafel Republic, one of NFCA’s newest GREAT Business Association members, changed my opinion. Each falafel was soft and could be easily cut with a fork. The texture was just a tad crumbly, but fared well despite having no gluten ingredients to bind the mixture. A simple dot of tahini sauce was all I needed to make the perfect bite. Perhaps most amazing, the falafel was ready in 25 seconds flat. Our office microwave never seemed so impressive.

Falafel Republic Gluten-Free Falafel ServingNutrition-wise, Falafel Republic isn’t too shabby. Each 2 piece serving has 7g of protein and 3g of fiber. The sodium count is rather high at 500mg, but pair it with a hearty salad and you’ll have a well-balanced meal.

While reading the label, I noticed a warning that said the falafel is produced with equipment that uses wheat. Rest assured, Falafel Republic has a number of protocols in place to ensure gluten-free safety. The gluten-free falafel is never produced on the same day as wheat. On falafel production days, the equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before use to avoid cross-contamination. Allergen swabs are also used to ensure the elimination of allergens, according to Falafel Republic. In other words, safety is a priority.

Now, remember what I said about falafel being ‘hard-to-come-by’? Well, as luck would have it, I just saw cartons of Falafel Republic during my latest trip to the grocery store. If it isn’t in your store, you can request this hot product simply by downloading a PDF request form from Falafel Republic’s website.

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