Favorite Desserts Made Gluten Free

By | Jun 9, 2011

[This review was written by NFCA intern and resident cookbook critic, Rachel Fox. Email her at rfox@celiaccentral.org.]

Favorite Desserts Made Gluten-Free“Tastykakes,” crumb cake, pumpkin pie, oatmeal cookie sandwiches, tiramisu and many more of my favorite enticing treats are available in the book Favorite Desserts Made Gluten Free, by Amelia E. Pohl. The title really does say it all.

The front and back covers are almost good enough to eat as they draw your eyes right into the index, about the author, and about the book sections. With more than 140 gluten-free recipes in this book, there is sure to be something you will enjoy baking and eating.

The author provides “how to” information for those who are new to baking gluten-free, which I find to be very helpful. So far, I have only baked gluten-free once, and that was for the staff at the NFCA office. I will say I found it to be challenging. Amelia, however, is experienced in cooking and baking gluten-free. Her husband was diagnosed with celiac disease, so she took on the challenge and began to cook gluten-free. She now shares her knowledge in three gluten-free cookbooks, this being the first.

Favorite Desserts Made Gluten Free is broken into two separate parts. The first part is filled with classic desserts baked at home. The second part is a bit more interesting and exciting for the gluten-free eater. It contains recipes for make-at-home versions of commercial desserts. Amelia put quotations around the dessert titles to indicate which store-bought favorite she’s mimicking, but transforms the recipe so it’s safe for celiacs to enjoy. I find this to be a great addition to the cookbook.

I plan to take this book home so I can make some more decadent delights for the office to enjoy. And I know I will truly enjoy them as well.

Favorite Desserts Made Gluten Free is available for purchase at www.gluten-free-book.com.

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