Glutenfreeda’s Gluten-free Frozen Burritos and Wraps

By | Apr 18, 2011

Last March I posted a review that included many of the products Glutenfreeda had to offer. For that review I got to sample Glutenfreeda’s newest products, gluten-free frozen burritos. I was very impressed and pleased by the tortilla used in that product and with the overall quality of all of Glutenfreeda’s products. So, of course I jumped at the chances to review the newest additions to the Glutenfreeda frozen burrito line as well as their brand new gluten-free pizza wraps.

pizza2Once again I was very impressed with the quality of these products. In addition to being gluten-free, both the burritos and pizza wraps are made with natural ingredients and zero trans fat. Though I have always been happy with the tortilla used for the burritos and now also used in the pizza wraps, I defiantly noticed they have improved. The improved tortillas removed my original concerns of softening and tearing after cooking. The combination of corn flour mixed with rice and potato flour used as ingredients in the tortillas create a firm yet flexible wrap. These tortillas have a great texture and taste that definitely compliments the fillings used for the burritos and pizza wraps.

The newest addition to the Glutenfreeda’s frozen burrito line is Shredded beef. This burrito is packed with its major ingredient, pleasnelty seasoned and slightly spicey shredded beef. Rice, cheese, refried beans, and salso comple the ingredient list making a very filling and flavorful meal.

Though I like the burrito, as a hard core pizza fan, I loved the pizza wraps. Glutenfreeda’s new gluten-free pizza wraps are available in three great flavors, Italian sausage, three cheese, and pesto chicken. It is really hard to choose which of these three flavors is my favorite. All three use a very tasty pizza sauce, as well as a great blend of cheese. Each is also packed with its main ingredients, as well as additional complementary seasonings and rice. Since it is too hard to choose, I’ve decided to love them all equally.

All of Glutenfreeda’s frozen burritos, old and new, as well as the newest line of pizza wraps are quick, easy and deliciously gluten-free. If you would to learn more about this as well as any other product offered by Glutenfreeda visit

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