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By | Mar 16, 2011

bottleEven though a cold wind is still blowing outside, my thoughts have already moved on to warmer days. One thought in particular that has had the power to keep me warm the last few days has been looking forward to future sunny day outdoor gathering. And nothing is more perfect or natural while hanging out with friends and family in the back yard or a park than a barbecue.

These thoughts of barbecues, yummy burgers, steaks, and grilled veggies, reminded me of a product submitted for review a while back, Zip Sauce. Zip sauce was born in a restaurant in Detroit. There, Michael Esshaki, the creator of Zip Sauce and a restaurant owner used his custom made sauce to be paired with his restaurant famous filet mignon. Though his formula worked well in his restaurant, Michael wanted to make a version that was more practical for the everyday consumer to use at home. After several years he finally perfected and launched zip sauce.

Since it is not warm enough for burgers or grilling outside, I settled for trying it out on steak. I followed a simple recipe listed on that provided instructions on how to use Zip Sauce on top of cooked steak. The result defiantly added “zip” to the steak. The flavor added was a bit salty, buttery, smooth and slightly smokey. I was happy that it did not saturate or smother the natural taste of the steak but instead enhanced it. The steak dish made with Zip Sauce provided a sneak preview to the possibilities of using it on this summer’s burgers. Just another reason to look forward to that first barbecue.

Though Zip sauce works great as a marinade for steak and as an ingredient in burgers it can also be used as an ingredient in many other dishes. One in particular that caught my eye was French onion soup. If you would like to learn more about Zip Sauce and pick up some great recipes to use with it visit

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