Kettle Cuisine’s Thai Curry Chicken Soup

By | Mar 10, 2011

Kettle Cuisine Thai Curry Chicken SoupI’ve been keeping a secret. For the past few months, I’ve known about a delicious new soup from Kettle Cuisine, but I promised not to squeal until it hit shelves. Well, judging by a recent note about the soup in the Philadelphia Inquirer, it’s time to let the news fly.

The new flavor is Thai Curry Chicken Soup, and in case you missed my ode to coconut milk, anything inspired by Thai cuisine pretty much hits my mark.

The soup is gluten-free, dairy-free and super easy to make. Remove from box, pull back the film, pop in the microwave, and it’ll go from frozen to piping hot in 4 minutes flat. The spices create a lovely aroma when heated, so by the time the microwave dinged, I was ready to sample. (Can you tell I took this photo after I tore into the box?)

The soup is creamy and sweet, but packed with vegetables and chicken so it has nutrition to back up the flavor. These aren’t your standard carrots and celery, either. Think peppers, mushrooms and bamboo shoots. While I usually opt for more heat, this soup has a nice curried flavor that’s more “homecooked” than “hot,” so mild palates should be fine to give it a try.

As for nutrition, it’s a bit high in sodium and fat (as many soups are), but it has 13g of protein and 4g of fiber in each bowl, which means those 10oz. can keep you satisfied for hours.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts about the Thai Curry Coconut Soup, and all Kettle Cuisine soups for that matter, is the “Father-Daughter Soup Story” that’s included on the package. It explains how Kettle Cuisine’s founder was inspired to make the specialty soups after his daughter had to go gluten-free. Somehow, I felt that family tie added to the soup’s homey feel.

So, does this heat-and-eat soup rival the curry I can get at the Thai place down the street? Actually, it puts up a pretty good fight, and for a product that offers the reassurance of being gluten-free, it’s a darn good option.

Kettle Cuisine Thai Curry Chicken Soup is making it’s way into grocery stores across the country. You can also order it online from

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  2. Anne Marie Segal March 29, 2011 5:39 pm

    Sounds great. I will look for it! I am with you – coconut milk is fabulous!

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