Happy Gluten-Free Spring!

By | Mar 27, 2011

easterIt has been a long and cold winter here in Philadelphia, as well as in many other places in the US. So I think I can safely say I’m not the only one welcoming the return of spring. Along with warmer weather, the return of slumbering plants, and baby animals spring also brings a few holidays along with it to celebrate.

I consider myself pretty lucky to have friends and family with a variety of heritages and beliefs. As a result I get the opportunity to experience a different holidays. The two big ones quickly approaching are Easter and Passover.

As I have mentioned many times, holidays can be difficult when you are on special diet. Thankfully there are many resources online that can help. Below are a few examples of the information you can find.


About.com has a great collection of celiac and gluten-free resources that include useful tips and information for all holidays included those celebrated in the spring. Two great articles about Passover found on about.com. The Jewish Holiday of Passover: A Gluten-Free Bonanza & Passover Seder: Gluten-Free Seder Menu & Recipes. In addition to containing basic information on the Jewish holiday of Passover it also provides important information on shopping for the food used to celebrate the holiday, as well as the recipes to help prepare traditional dishes. For Easter check out Gluten-Free Easter Brunch Recipes and Gluten-Free Easter Recipe Roundup by Teri Gruss, MS on about.com. There you will find recipes that will direct you on making a Traditional Easter Brunch the gluten-free way, and many more gluten-free recipes and shopping tips.

Gluten Free Bloggers

Gluten Free Bloggers are an excellent resource for seasonal information. From them you will find recipes, reviews, and product information written by experienced members of the community.

Alison St. Sure of  SureFoodLiving.com posted a very informative article called,  Celebrating Easter Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free. Alison’s blog is just one example of the wonderful work celiac and gluten-free bloggers do. Looking for a Gluten-free or Celiac Blog to follow? Visit the Celiac Blogger section of NFCA’s website, www.CeliacCentral.org.

CeliacCentral.org (NFCA)

Gluten Free Hot Products is a product blog brought to you by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA). It is just one of the many resources NFCA provides to the public as part of our mission to help restore health and reclaim lives for those affected by celiac disease. Some of their other resources that can be especially helpful during the holiday include:

  • Celiac Central Newsletter:
    Last year, Renegade Chef Dan Kohler Presents shared his recipe for Passover Zimtbissen with the NFCA in April 2010 Newsletter. Watch for additional spring holiday tips in the upcoming April edition of Celiac Central’s Monthly Newsletter. You will find an article about Easter by newsletter contributor Tina Turbin, plus do’s and don’t for a happy, healthy and gluten-free spring holiday. Be sure to check it out.
  • Recipe Boxes
    For Easter and many older holiday celebrations the NFCA has gathered some of the seasonal recipes they have posted all year long in their weekly recipe blog and monthly newsletters.
  • Printable Guides
    To help pick out sweet treats for younger guest be sure to check out the Printable Guides page in the resource section of CeliacCentral.org for the Gluten-Free Candy Quick List, as well as many other useful guides.

These are just a few of the useful resources available online that can help you have a happy and healthy gluten-free holiday.

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