Skinny Crisps

By | Feb 17, 2011

ATX Gluten-Free Lemon Pine Nut HummusWhen I posted Lemon Pine Nut Hummus from ATX Gluten-Free as a recent Recipe of the Week, I couldn’t help but notice the crackers (see left).

There they were, sitting on the plate, smack dab in the photo.  Were they really gluten-free? I wondered, knowing our recipe readers and cooking mavens would wonder the same.

Fortunately, Jessica included a little note at the bottom of her instructions: “The crackers in the photo are from Skinny Crisps, a company in Boulder, CO. They are vegan, gluten, dairy and soy free.”

Well, now that my interest was piqued, I had to try them. A few days later, a box of Skinny Crisps  arrived at the office. And, like many of the products we’ve tried, the samples came just in time for our weekly staff call. (How the delivery people time it that way, I’ll never know.)

Skinny Crisps come in a variety of flavors, but the general base is a mix of almonds, chickpea flour and golden flax seeds.  They’re also produced in a gluten-free environment, so you can snack without fear of cross-contamination.

Skinny Crisps gluten-free crackers

Here’s the rundown:

Plain Jane: Like the name says, these are bare bones crackers. They have a nice crunch and hardy texture, but not much flavor. Good for dips or crumbled on top of a casserole.

White Sesame: These were among the favorites. The seeds give the texture a boost and are visually appealing, if you’re looking for presentation points. The flavor is nutty, but still plain enough to pair with a salty dip without going overboard.

Seeded: If you like the taste of fennel (think black licorice), meet your match. These crackers look like the good old ‘everything’ bagel, with an explosion of seeds speckling every inch of cracker. It makes for great snacking and even stands up to spreading, but the strong flavor was a little too much for some staffers.

Toasty Onion: Another favorite, but not recommended within 10 minutes of a meeting. The flavor is intense and the crunch is satisfying, which makes for an excellent cracker to munch on. The zesty onion will linger even after you’re done (Whitney could tell I was snacking just by the smell), but if you ask us, it’s worth it.

Say Cheese: The newest addition to the line, and the final favorite based on staff reviews. These are a nod to the cheese heads. Packed with cheddar flavor, but still thin and delicate enough to avoid that “just ate a whole wheel of cheese” sensation that can plague some crackers.

Brownie Crisps: Kind of like a gluten-free chocolate graham cracker, but sturdier and more resistant to breakage. The possibilities are endless: dip in gluten-free pudding, crumble on top of a gluten-free cream pie, adorn a scoop of ice cream. They’re chocolately, but not too sweet, so dream away.

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  1. michele February 18, 2011 8:45 pm

    Where can I buy Skinny Crisps?

  2. Cheryl February 21, 2011 9:40 am

    You can order Skinny Crisps online at The website also lists several retail locations across the U.S. that sell Skinny Crisps.

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