GalloLea Organics Gluten-Free Pizza Kit

By | Feb 8, 2011

With diet plans featuring gluten-free meals and the increase in awareness of celiac disease it is becoming less of a hassle to find wheat free pizza crust. Unfortunately, even with the growing wheat free options, not all gluten-free pizza crusts are created equal. So of course I am always pleased when I get the opportunity to share details on a gluten-free pizza option that is not only new but also tasty.

GalloLea_gluten_free_pizza_kitGalloLea Organics began making whole wheat pizza kits, with the goal of making a great tasting pizza that was quick and easy for everyone to make and enjoy. After perfecting their whole wheat version, GalloLea Organics reformulated the flour mix in their kit to make it gluten-free.

For this review GalloLea sent me some of their kits to sample. The kit itself came in a small and simple paper bag. What they fit into that little paper bag was quite impressive. Each bag contains a pizza dough flour mix, sauce, and a piece of parchment paper.
The only ingredients required to make the dough is a half cup of warm water, and a teaspoon of oil. What ever toppings you choose to add are also up to you.

I was very impressed with how easy the pizza dough was to make. My experience with home made pizza dough always seems to be very messy and often complicated. So this is what I was expecting. But after reading the instruction, my concern turned from the mix being too messy to the dough being too dry to shape. To my happy surprise, the dough was as easy to make as promised. After adding the water and mixing the dough for approximately 75 strokes (as the instructions suggested) the dough was easy to handle and form into a ball. Pressing out from the center, the dough easily spread out on to the parchment paper. Did I mention how impressed I was yet?

GalloLea_GF_PizzaKit2After shaping the dough, we slid it onto the oven rack to par bake it. 5 minutes later the crust was starting to get a nice color, so it was time to add the included sauce. The sauce was thick and is paste based with a pleasant flavor. The package of sauce provided was very generous so whether you like your pizza with just a dash or smothered in tomato sauce you are covered. Because I wanted to make the pizza crust and sauce do the majority of the work for this review I just added some mozzarella cheese as a topping. After baking it for 8 more minutes, I had a lovely looking pizza that tasted great, and was very easy to make. I have no doubt the finished crust would have held up to a variety of toppings. Suggestions for toppings and helpful tips for cooking the pizza crust with them are included in the instructions.

Before ending this review I just want to share some information about the ingredients. All the ingredients used in this kit, including those used for the sauce, are organic and natural. The dough is made with organic brown rice and buckwheat, which gives the pizza crust a great color, texture and makes it a bit healthier for you. I was also pleased to see the addition of yeast and the absence of Xanthan Gum. I do not have anything against this ingredient. However, it does get leaned heavily upon for gluten-free foods so it was very refreshing to see a flour mix with out it.

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