Lundberg’s Gluten-Free Organic Penne

By | Dec 6, 2010

With Thanksgiving over it is time to get back to basic everyday meals, at least until the next holiday. Meals featuring pasta are among the many basic dishes that make it on the monthly (if not weekly) dinner menu all year long. However, being diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten intolerance means giving up traditional wheat based pasta. Fortunately the number, availability, and variety of gluten-free pastas have grown quite a bit in the last few years.

07341600610lThis brings me to this weeks review. Lundberg’s Organic Brown Rice Penne is the last product included in the latest round of gf goodies from Mambo Sprouts. Lundberg is not new to the gluten-free pasta. Instead they are among a list of long time rice food manufactures that are continuing to improve their products in the hopes of returning pasta dishes back to the gluten-free table.
For this review I had the opportunity to try out their newly improved Brown Rice Penne. Since I had never tried Lundberg’s older version of this pasta, it was simply a new product to me. However, when my boyfriend Karl, who is no stranger to gluten-free food or to brown rice products, noticed the package he informed me that Lundberg is a high quality rice brand. This definitely raised my expectations.

I’ve reviewed several brands of gluten-free pasta, and though I feel almost all of them have at least one positive attribute, I have been very disappointed that so few can hold up to boiling. So of course I was pleased that during the first round of testing, Lundberg’s brown rice pasta didn’t only survive the cooking process, but was able to maintain its shape and texture after a light overcooking (approximately 2 minutes longer than listed in the instructions). The second round of testing, I followed the instructions exactly and the pasta was even better.

Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Penne tasted the same during both rounds of testing. Since this pasta does not have a strong flavor on its own, it works perfectly with seasonings, spices and sauces. More importantly Lundberg’s brown rice pasta is void of the odd after taste that seems to come with less natural types of gluten-free foods.
Overall I was very pleased with this product. It is definitely worth a try for those of us who have special diets but miss the simple joy of a homemade pasta dish. To learn more about this product as well as all the gluten-free products Lundberg offers, visit

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