San-J Wheat Free Tamari Travel Packs

By | Nov 12, 2010

In the most recent shipment of GF products from Mambo Sprouts I received a box of San-J gluten-free Tamari Travel Packs. Of course I was already very familiar San J’s products. San-J, among a long list of prominent gluten-free food manufactures and retailers, joined the NFCA at this years 2010 National Restaurant Association Show(NRA). San-J also made gluten-free and celiac news when PF Chang’s selected San-J’s Organic Wheat Free Tamari for use on their Gluten Free menu.
imagesSan-J’s success makes perfect sense. Their wheat-free Tamari soy sauce leads the industry as a great tasting gluten-free alternative for commercial and individual use. It is made from 100% organic soy-beans, and naturally fermented. In addition to being wheat-free, it is also free of msg and artificial preservatives. The high quality of this product defiantly pays off, with its unique and flavorful taste.
As if making a great tasting gluten-free product isn’t enough, San-J is making things a bit easier by making their product available in various quantities from large industrial sizes to convenient individual packets. So whether you are eating out at a great restaurant like PF Chang’s with a dedicated gluten-free menu, making a home-cooked meal, or eating out somewhere with out the familiar gluten-free condiments you are used to, this sauce is available to make that meal perfectly delicious and safe.
To learn more about San-J and all of the gluten-free products they offer visit

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