Gluten-Free Probiotics: Starring Lifeway’s Lowfat Kefir

By | Nov 26, 2010

lifeway_lowfat_kefirIn addition to all the gluten-free goodies I’ve received from the most recent round of Mambo Sprouts shipments came a separate package from Lifeway. Inside, this package was three bottles of their lowfat Kefir. Kefir, incase you are not familiar, is a creamy drink made of fermented milk. Its taste and texture is very close to yogurt. The ingredients and process required to make kefir naturally create a healthy and beneficial food that contains antimutagenic and antioxidant properties. Lifeway’s Lowfat Kefir in particular boost the benefits that can come from kefir by using ten specially added active live cultures.

I am a big supporter of probiotics. Studies have indicated that the use of healthy probiotic cultures may enhance the immune system and balance digestive health. Research results aside, I truly feel better when I include them in my diet. I don’t have them everyday, but when I ever I feel my digestive health has taken a turn for the worse I head straight for the nearest yogurt isle. As if that isn’t healthy enough, Lifeway’s lowfat Kefir is also high in calcium and protein, and contains inulin, a natural dietary fiber that aids in the digestion of milk.

Most importantly it tastes great. The texture is smooth and creamy, and the flavor is not over sweet nor very sour. I got to try out three varieties of their lowfat kefir, Plain, Strawberry Smoothie, and Pomegranate Smoothie. I was especially happy to see a pomegranate flavor since it is my favorite flavor of fruit drink, and yogurts.
As I mentioned before, its texture is very close to yogurt. So, even though it can be served as a drink, I preferred to pair it with fruit and granola and using it in blended drinks.

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