Blue Diamond Nut Thins: New Barbeque Flavor

By | Nov 23, 2010

There’s a new flavor of Blue Diamond Nut Thins on the market: Barbeque. Yes, your cravings for sweet, smoky and tangy flavor can finally cease because these crackers are good.

Blue Diamond Barbeque Nut ThinsThe new Barbeque flavor was a pleasant surprise, nestled between a box of Cheddar Cheese and a box of Almond Flavor Nut Thins on our sample shelf at the NFCA office.  How barbeque flavor would hold up against the nut and rice cracker base, I wasn’t sure, but it turned out to be a pleasant complement.

The only downside? The crackers are a little messy, leaving behind some of their seasoning, but I chalked that up as part of the finger-licking barbeque experience.

Well, there was one other downside. The staff and I demolished the box before I could snap a picture of our new flavor discovery. Call it holiday stress, but we like to munch.  Fortunately, Blue Diamond recently announced that Nut Thins are now available at Walmart Superstores, making it all the more convenient to pick up a box (or two or three) while you’re picking up other essentials. With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, it’s a simple way to get appetizers on the table: Crackers. Dip. Done.

I’ll admit, Barbeque doesn’t seem as versatile as the more traditional flavors. Many of you use Nut Thins to make pie crusts or cakes (NFCA’s Blue Diamond Recipe Box has some ideas), which wouldn’t lend itself to the smoky taste.  But as a breading for fried chicken or a base for sliders, these crackers could add a satisfying flavor punch.

There’s also something to say for simplicity, so if you’re just looking to crunch, Barbeque Nut Thins can be a standalone snack.  Just make sure you have a napkin.

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