Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bread

By | Oct 15, 2010

Part three of four product reviews from the most recent samples sent from Mambo Sprouts bring us to a product from Rudi’s.  Rudi’s is most known for their organic bread “Made with stuff you can pronounce and ingredients you recognize”. After many request, Rudi’s accepted the challenge decided to launch a gluten-free line that was as delicious as their organic bread. So, did they succeed? In my humble opinion, yes!

Rudis_glutenfree_breadI was fortunate enough to receive a generous package from Rudi’s filled with six loafs, two loafs of each variety of gluten-free bread Rudi’s offers. Currently, Rudi’s gf bread comes in Original, Multigrain, and Cinnamon Raisin. The bread was delivered still mostly frozen. Fresh out of the package the bread seemed brittle, so I was a bit worried that the product would not hold up to expectations. However, after being lightly toasted the bread didn’t only hold together but it was also light and fluffy.

Rudi’s Original Gluten-Free Bread is very similar to white bread. It is a bit sweet and would make a great choice as sandwich bread for children, or for adults who prefers their bread on the sweeter side. Rudi’s Multigrain Gluten-Free Bread is hardier than the Original. I am a big fan of multigrain breads that are filled with whole grains and seeds. My boyfriend calls it “tree bark” and the closer to it the better as far as I am concerned. So for me, this bread was on the mild side. But as far as pre-sliced, store bought gluten-free bread goes, this bread is pretty healthy, very convenient, and has a very pleasant taste. Rudi’s Cinnamon Raisin Gluten-Free Bread is nice treat. It is heavy on raisins and only has enough cinnamon to enhance the raisin flavor. All three flavors have a nice crust that is nicely improved by toasting. A best of all Rudi’s Gluten-Free pass the hardest test for these types of bread. There is no strange after taste, just a great bread that happens to be gluten-free.

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about our new Gluten Free breads! We’re thrilled that you enjoyed them.

    As you mentioned, we’ve been baking organic breads with wholesome ingredients since 1976, and we are thrilled to bring our baking expertise to the gluten-free community. We hope that having another bread alternative – that looks, feels, and tastes like regular bread – will help make life a little easier for those who have celiac or gluten intolerances.

    We truly appreciate your support!

    -Paula, on behalf of Rudi’s Organic Bakery

    P.S. I’ll be sure to tell our baker “more tree bark!” 😉

  2. Mary November 15, 2010 9:01 am

    I bought Rudi’s gluten free bread for my daughter who has celiac disease and it was fantastic! I have bought other brands but yours is the only one that looked, felt and tasted like real bread. I am a bread freak myself and would not think twice to eat your bread anytime. Thank you for making what the others said they had-great tasting bread!

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