Full Flavor Foods: Part 1

By | Oct 25, 2010

The last couple of weeks have been extremely busy. So much so that I have barely had any time at home and even less time to cook.  However, this Sunday things seem to slow down and for once everyone was relaxing at home at the same time. The desire to make a nice meal for everyone to enjoy hit me.

GF Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole served with Steak

Full Flavor Foods, the makers of gluten-free soup stocks, sauces, gravies and cream soup, had recently shipped me a generous box of samples of many of their products. They had also given us at the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) permission to publish some of their recipes on our official website’s weekly gluten-free recipe blog. We had chose to post Full Flavor Foods recipe for Gourmet Green Bean & Mushroom Casserole. You can view this recipe here. It was the perfect addition to my home cooked meal. Plus I would get the opportunity to get my review started.

This particular recipe called for 1 package of Full Flavor Foods (FFF) Mushroom Sauce Mix. I was a little cautious at the use of a sauce mix instead of a can of creamy soup for this recipe. I was primarily fearful that it would be too thin. However, after mixing in the sauce pack with water and heating the sauce for only a short time, I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that the sauce was not only thick and creamy but also had a very smooth texture. It complemented the whole dish deliciously.

The success of this dish made me hopeful while trying the other products Full Flavor Foods had sent. None of the sauces disappointed me. Along with the mushroom sauce, I also got to try their Alfredo and Cheese Sauce Mixes. Both are smooth and creamy, taste real, and go perfectly over your favorite gluten-free pasta or in a wide variety of recipes that call for these flavors. I also got to try out their Turkey and Pork Gravy Mixes. Both of these gravies had a great consistency and flavor. In addition to great flavor, and texture all of the Full Flavor Foods mixes I tried were also extremely simple to prepare making them not only versatile but also extremely convenient.

Full Flavor Foods GF Alfredo Sauce

On top of being gluten-free, Full Flavor Foods mixes are also free of MSG, Trans Fats, nuts, eggs, artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives. Their products do not include barley, rye, oats, and of course wheat. Extra confidence can be placed with this company because their products have been independently certified gluten-free and are recognized and/or certified by the CSA and GIG, and they are members of the NFCA’s  GREAT Business Association.

To learn more about these products as well as all the products Full Flavor Foods offers visit www.forfullflavor.com.  Stay tuned for the Full Flavor Foods Review Part 2.

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